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Jul 4, 2014
Oct 23, 2000
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Jan 25, 1959 (Age: 55)
Old mansville
Being superior to Crowbots.

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Bigfooty Jedi, Male, 55, from Old mansville

Asgardian was last seen:
Jul 4, 2014
    1. charcoalchicken
      you wanna join the terror squad old timer?
    2. Wonaeamirri33
      Sorry to see the way things went down against that bloody franchise today mate. It always damages the game when one of those artificial entities win, and no supporter of a real club deserves the indignity of losing to them. Just posted on that thread of yours too, and I really hope things improve for Port before long.
    3. Sweet Undies
      Sweet Undies
      UMAD bro.........just askin????
      1. Lambs Shanklin likes this.
    4. themarkedman72
      bad luck yesterday mate. Besides the first quarter you guys showed heart. foot skills where a bit rough but the desire was there...maybe just need to focus on the ball a bit more :) plenty to look forward too for Port.
    5. fairdinkum
      Hello friend, just wondering what the deal is with your signature. Lose a bet or something? I rarely peruse Flog Bay so if it is to do with something from there, I wouldn't know, aye.
    6. Dan
      Wouldn't happen to be your birthday would it Asgardian?

      Have a good one
    7. grizzlym
    8. Poached_Egg
      Sign me up.........went to the game yesterday and enjoyed it.
    9. Poached_Egg
      Looking forward to having you on board as a Gold Coast member in 2012, after we finish ahead of your lot this year.
    10. bernie lomax
      bernie lomax
      Here is the transaction
      14-Apr-2011 Trf to other Instit 000000085005 $20.00 $1,139.55 CR19-Apr-2011 RETURN INTERNET TRANSFER JRF 04/19 396 $20.00 $957.05 CR19-Apr-2011 RETURN FEE JRF 04/19 396 $16.50 $940.55 CR
      Like I have said, I'm happy to donate. But wasnt happy with the above.
    11. bernie lomax
      bernie lomax
      i deposited to the account number and bsb proivided. I then got slugged $16 from my bank for an incorrect account transfer. I didnt type the account numbers in when i did the transfer, i copied and pasted from from the account provided. It was only $20, so i am down $16.
      Do you think thats fair???
    12. Dan
      Good luck with Port this year Asgardian :thumbsu:
    13. Biffinator
      A - hope you are well. Much like Dennis' contribution, your Flog 10 made me laugh - and heartily so. Well done, B
    14. Asgardian
      I'll be pwnt on footylulz, but who cares, no-one will see it Kruzin you moron

      And who would have thought that a Footylulz moderator would practice censorship, you fragile petty little hypocrite
    15. KruZin
      I deleted them myself, you ****in inbred! :)
    16. KruZin
      Am enjoying your posting on footyLULZ today. :) You will be pwnt (repeatedly) like no other, I assure you. :cool:
    17. Dan

    18. Dan
      HB! :thumbsu:
    19. Biffinator
      Mate, hope you are well. All the best in 2011. B
    20. Mushroom Custard
      Mushroom Custard
      I'll come at you like Corey Ah Chee!!!!!!!
    21. Mushroom Custard
      Mushroom Custard
      You pulled your head in yet and ready to be my friend????????
    22. Mushroom Custard
      Mushroom Custard
      I'll come at you like Brant Chambers or the Gowan brothers!!!!
    23. Mushroom Custard
      Mushroom Custard
      I'll come at you like Gary McIntosh.
    24. Mushroom Custard
      Mushroom Custard
      Come on man, stop being a loner? Just except already.
    25. Mushroom Custard
      Mushroom Custard
      I'll come at you like Ricky 'the dragon' Steamboat!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like you're trying to be John J Rambo, a loner, I know you've got purple hearts and shit, but, you need friends too. I know you're fighting a war inside your head but I can help that.
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    Jan 25, 1959 (Age: 55)
    Old mansville
    Being superior to Crowbots.
    AFL Club:
    Port Adelaide
    Cricket: Sheffield Shield:
    NBL Team:
    Adelaide 36ers
    Other Teams:
    Port Adelaide Magpies
    <strong>Tips</strong> <a href="../tips/?mod=my_ladder&u=422" target="_tips"> Tip rank: 249</a>
    Most people are that stupid they shit me to tears

    Making money with investments


    RIP Toots

    RIP Natman

    RIP JMac

    PORT to reign supreme ... :thumbsu:
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