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  3. Chat with other Comm Games fans in our Commonwealth Games thread.

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  4. The ASADA, AFL and drugs in sport Hot Topic board

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Sep 24, 2010
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    1. lmach
      Your avatar >>>> everyone else's
      1. Butler likes this.
    2. eth-dog
      That avatar is fantastic. Those boobs are so nice
    3. DamoESP
      Name of girl in your avatar...share :P
      1. kfc1 likes this.
      2. Chief Ten Beers
        Chief Ten Beers
        Alina Vacariu
        Sep 2, 2012
      3. Butler
        So it is! I was incorrect haha
        Sep 2, 2012
    4. Cuz Bruz
      Cuz Bruz
      Deceptic0ns of CG, the original one from cod4,5 etc i know there are a few imitators floating around these days. I havent been on cg since black ops came out good idea to get off it. You doing CG leagues for sc or dt this year? I'm not gonna bother just going in good leagues this year.
    5. Cuz Bruz
      Cuz Bruz
      hey butler hows cg going?
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