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Sep 15, 2014 at 1:57 PM
Dec 1, 1999
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Kananook Creek
Retired Admin

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Business Time, Male, from Kananook Creek

Social! Aug 24, 2014

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Viewing member profile GG, Sep 15, 2014 at 1:57 PM
    1. Chief
    2. marty36
      Why would you have a Mod)port supporter) on the SANFL board who allows other Port supporters to have a dig on the SANFL board at the SANFL. If it happened on their own board these Posters would be banned immediately. I think you need a mode who actually cares and is commited to the SANFL not someone who hates the SANFL
    3. thethinkingcat
      Your blues were just too good for my north.
    4. CaptainCharisma
      Hi Chief, how come I have been disabled from tapatalk or is it a forum wide thing?
    5. Clint Beastwood
      Clint Beastwood
      Hey Chief, would you mind changing my year of birth when you have a chance? It's 1995, not 92' as I made it when I was 14 or something. Cheers.
    6. clarkey
      Hi mate, would like to have a chat to you about the AFL Fans Association. What is the best number to reach you on? Cheers, Brian
    7. Kcrack
      No worries Chief
    8. Cataclysm8
      Hey mate, can you please cancel this account? Only made 1 post so not getting rid of too much haha. I'm re-making another account with a better username after lol
    9. SFLGuru2013
      Delete my account please
    10. showtime1090
      Hi, I've started a South West DFNL thread under vic country and I was wondering if it would appear up the top with the rest of the threads or it would remain down the bottom?
      1. Chief
        It will appear at the top when someone replies, won't it? Or are there a lot of stickied threads? I'd ask the moderator of the board.
        Mar 10, 2014
      2. showtime1090
        It's the time I've done it, we'll see what happens
        Mar 11, 2014
    11. Stazzaz
      What is the BigFooty Supercoach code and DreamTeam code?
    12. THE THIN MAN
      How are the awards achieve?
      I checked my Dream team ladder last night and found I finished 1st in the Tigers and 1st in Bigfooty Division 2.
      It seems it happened a long time ago
    13. THE THIN MAN
      Hello Chief
      You may have made an error in the awarding of the SC medal as I did not play.
    14. Stazzaz
      Can you whitelist me for the mc server
    15. Tigerland55
      "Retired Admin"?
      Have you thrown in the towel Chief?
    16. Dan
      Hairy nipple man on the beach avatar offends me....I'm gonna report it.
    17. Thurlow2Mackie
      If I pay for membership, will that give me more rights? Like if I am a paying member, will I still be able to be banned from Bay 13 for no really good reason?
      1. Xanman likes this.
      2. Chief

        (As in: Yes you will still get banned.)
        Oct 14, 2013
    18. Stazzaz
      I can't start threads even though I have posted more than 20 posts and been on since the 1st of October please help
    19. _DBF_
      G'Day Chief.

      Made a $9.99 purchase which has been successful according to my bank statement, around 8 weeks a go at a guess. But I don't have the option in my profile to change my name or to be able to post within 30 seconds (or whatever it is) of my previous post.
      1. Chief
        Send a copy of the PayPal confirmation email to support@bigfooty.com and I'll fix you up.
        Oct 3, 2013
      2. _DBF_
        Cheers Chief, that's been sent through.
        Oct 3, 2013
    20. Kaaa Hunt
      Kaaa Hunt
      Hello Chief.
      I found your name in the help list!
      I was wondering if you could direct me as to how to change a name?
      I have a very rude name ,'Kaaa hunt'!
      Maybe it is because I am a Collingwood fan!
      Passwords are easy to edit!
      How can a member change his name?
      1. dymot likes this.
      2. Chief
    21. STP18
      Hey Chief I saw that I won the BF tipping comp, but my account AlterRob is serving a Bay13 ban so I can't respond to anything. Is this a problem and am I ineligible for a prize? :o
      1. Xanman and Thurlow2Mackie like this.
    22. Paul7890
      I guess you're the admin of this website. Do yourself a favour and get better servers. Whoever is hosting this website absolutely sucks, the site constantly drops out, terrible really. A popular website like this shouldn't have so much down time from excessive traffic.
      1. Thurlow2Mackie likes this.
      2. Chief
        Popular web site is popular.
        Aug 31, 2013
    23. Thurlow2Mackie
      Hey, Chief. I am a nice person, and I thought you should know that before judging me. Can I please find out why I am banned from Bay 13 again? I didn't do nothing and I just got banned for "attention whoring". I was just born this way, and for some reason I have always sought attention. I have actually been diagnosed with ADD and I feel like I am being vilified for my disability.
      1. Xanman, Fitzey and dymot like this.
      2. Thurlow2Mackie
        I don't break no rules. I am a thoughtful, intellectual, and caring poster and can I please be unbanned from Bay 13? I have been known to fall into deep bouts of depression when I get socially isolated, and the bay was the only thing that was keeping me going. I have made a lot of internet friends there. Look at my wall for proof, it is a hive of activity. You are welcome to post there too. It is a safe haven.
        Aug 28, 2013
      3. Xanman
        Hey Chief, Let me mod Bay 13 I will sort it out ;) won't let you down bud!
        Dec 10, 2013
    24. Flash of power
      Flash of power
      Tried to find a PM and couldn't find it so sorry if this is innappropriate.

      How do I send one to you?
      1. Chief
    25. vonn
      I expected a more exciting 32,000 post, Chief.
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