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Sep 9, 2007
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    1. FishingRick04
      Historic day, I finally decided on my first avatar, bless my pet sheeps heart :)
    2. FishingRick04
    3. Crimson Azure
      Crimson Azure
      Just noticed you're lit ip as a spec, congrats.
    4. FishingRick04
    5. grizzlym
      You're lit up. Welcome.
    6. The Smaller Warrior
      The Smaller Warrior
      Believe it is just IP mate, but not 100% on that.
    7. PowerKat
    8. KaaN10
      Yep all good mate thanks heaps.

      End was depressing though.
    9. FishingRick04
      Luke may the force be with you, remember Evil nevers wins muhahahahahha
    10. FishingRick04
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    This is where you and me will differ always PA1870. I respect your views immensely...but to me the Magpies will always ALWAYS be the REAL Port Adealaide. To me the Power is the new team...not the Magpies. The Power has the old name PAFC, but it isn't the same club as such. Power has no tradition, no rival other than the crows, its new, people are still getting used to it i feel. The magpies has the tradition, the rivalry, the history, the premierships. PAFC has 36 flags, none of which belong to the power. I was brought up on the magpies..ive been to over 400 magpies games i reckon in my 19 years, ive cried over them many a time, i cried when Scotty kicked that goal in that prelim, i cried when we lost the 1997 GF, i cried when we won in 96 ( on my birthday)
    i have yet to do that with the Power...i cried when we didnt make the finals in 97, and that was it, oh and after showdown 2.

    Port magpies will always be my number one team...Port Power second.

    But as i said at the start, your opinion is your opinion, and i respect and understand how you come to that opinion. Lets just say Im a Port Adelaide football lover!!
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