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Ford Fairlane
Last Activity:
Mar 28, 2015 at 2:45 PM
Feb 21, 2002
Likes Received:
Jun 2, 1961 (Age: 53)
Port Adelaide 5015

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Ford Fairlane

Moderator, Male, 53, from Port Adelaide 5015

Ford Fairlane was last seen:
Viewing forum Port Adelaide - Est. 1870, Mar 28, 2015 at 2:45 PM
    1. Slammer
      Hi Ford.

      What is the story behind that little prick Mark McVeigh and the Bombers' drug saga.

      I wonder what is the 2 year ban all about.

      Cheers, Slammer
    2. captain ebert
      captain ebert
      Brilliant work closing that jumper change thread - no, really, thanks!
    3. Quadzilla

      The Essendon drug talk in the 'General AFL talk' thread needs to be moved to the Drugs thread please'


    4. TooFar
      How long do you plan on banning me from the Port Board? You stated my infraction penalty was 5 days, it has been nearly 3 weeks.
    5. AdsGoNads
      How do I stop dimwits from ruining my threads?

      Thats the second time you've shut down a thread of mine because some idiots start having a go at each other.

      I was enjoying the general discussion about 'keeping the Magpie alive'..
    6. JelloB
      Did that get moderated?
      1. Ford Fairlane
        Ford Fairlane
        Yeah but just to stop anyone from carrying it further. I was going to draw the line on 'feel' comments somewhere. Trust me I've seen it all.
        Oct 21, 2013
      2. JelloB
        Yep no worries, cheers.
        Oct 21, 2013
    7. nickztaa
      You know how you banned me for the Ollie/Chad thread about them being gay? Would that thread been suitable in Bay 13 or no?
    8. Slammer
      Hi Mate..I would like to send you a sample of my Port history of the draft.

      If you would like me to send it to you, please let me know: -

      Cheers, Slammer AKA Brian.
    9. Dalphonso
      G,day mate
      I have heard some disturbing news about Liam on saturday .
      A second hand conversation to Gerry Ebert(Russels Brother) then second hand to me from his good mate.From police at Ernabella in the North of SA.
      Liam can't go North of the border but all his Family come down and make trouble there.He is there too.He is no worse than the rest of them there but guilty by association.
      Best to shut up?
    10. A Bit High
      A Bit High
      Hi FF, what can you tell me about Jay Shannon. Rumour has it he is joining Lokan over here in Canberra. What player type is he and why did PAMFC get rid of him
    11. grizzlym
      Your updated badges are up.
    12. grizzlym
      All good. Half way through the badges now. Will have the rest done tomorrow.
    13. Natman

      Just curious - what number of BF members do we have compared to other clubs?

    14. cmpower
      Was at the woodville Primary school graduation last night, John Butcher was there to present the students with their certificate and school value awards, was invited by the students as a guest of honour and accepted (he had been working with the school as a part of the power's community activities). Spoke a bit about his school days and gave some advice to the students on handing the change of primary to high school. Absolute gentleman of a man.

      Not sure if you could mention this a new forum or what not, but im going to post it in the John Butcher page in Club 1870 forum.

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  • About

    Jun 2, 1961 (Age: 53)
    Port Adelaide 5015
    AFL Club:
    Port Adelaide
    Other Teams:
    Port Adelaide Magpies


    One club through its exploits, achievements and dominance of the local competition forced other clubs to raise their standard and make the local competition something better than it would ever have aspired to be. One club sows the seeds, harvests the crops, bakes the bread. The other clubs eat the sandwiches.
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