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Feb 10, 2016 at 1:22 PM
Sep 6, 2005
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In every girl's wet dream

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Killer On The Road, Male, from In every girl's wet dream

GG.exe was last seen:
Viewing thread League in Crisis, Feb 10, 2016 at 1:22 PM
    1. PbCharlie
      Hi mate, looking to post a Guernsey winning comp, but don't seem to have permission
      Can you help??
    2. Stereophonic
      Lol you just liked a post of mine from 2008. Crazy.
      1. GG likes this.
      2. GG.exe
        oh im only warming up
        Sep 19, 2015
    3. Gibbsy
      Why do you 'like' every single comment in every single thread you view? Even the comments you disagree with? It baffles me.
      1. LicoriceAllsorts likes this.
      2. GG.exe
        I defy understanding ;)
        Aug 27, 2015
    4. nobbyiscool
      I still haven't figured out how to PM - but the ESPN name i've used is the same as my bf name, nobbyiscool. if you need more info - and know how to pm :P - maybe you can message me back.

      Thanks for teeing up the Cutthroat mate
    5. Ghostwriter
      What did I do?, all I was saying was wings don't fall off an aeroplane when it turns around and stuck to my guns.
    6. wce_all_da_way
      GG, put up the guess the draft competition winners in the honour board. ;)
      1. GG likes this.
    7. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      Would I get introuble for "trolling" if I select Kirk Cousins in the final round of the cutthroat draft?
      1. LicoriceAllsorts likes this.
      2. GG.exe
        Jun 9, 2013
    8. wce_all_da_way
      Worked all night and forgot it closed midnight AEST not WST. Lame. Oh well, couldn't be bothered researching too much anyway :(
      1. GG likes this.
    9. Sticks_Of_Fury
      Fancy a trade? With either of your teams? Your first and second is the starting point.
    10. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      Changing the "Play Nice" Prefix?
      Oh C'mon!
      BTW - Who's gonna be your like #300?
    11. Hybridize
      Hey GG am I meant to skip arakaan at 11pm tonight if he still hasn't picked?
    12. TheDoctor11
      Hey mate, I've been looking for the old thread directory, any chance you'd know what's happened to it?
    13. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      Can I have permission to bump a 2006 thread?
      I've just been going through some old threads (after you said my yellow was for stupid ancient bumps and then reports)
      I saw some weird threads that were tempting (Steven Jackson vs Eli Manning, Best player in each position etc.) But I like this one and feel it could be something worth discussing. (Three things that would make college football better)
    14. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      As your upcoming 2IC, I promise to rid the board of nothing.
    15. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      Looking forward to a 253 pick mock draft? :p
    16. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      Do you know of anywhere where I can find a 256 pick draft order?
      I want to get into that game and even a full 256 pick mock draft (well, 255 after Pryor pick taken into account). But I don't have an order for the later rounds with all the compensation picks and the like.
    17. rayven
    18. hitthepost
      Hey there GG...just a heads-up there's a bit of cranky-pants stuff happening on the New Jumpers for 2012 thread (bloody gradients bringing out the worst in people lol). I just had a quick go at them so maybe they'll quiet down but just thought I'd bring it to your attention :) Cheers.
    19. Burningleviathan
      What happened to the NFL sub directories?
    20. grizzlym
      No probs. Always good to get mods on board who want to do it and have a head for it too.
    21. grizzlym
      You guys tee it up and let me know. No worries, glad it's working out so well.
    22. grizzlym
      The doc's now a full mod. He'll get a surprise when he logs on tomorrow! I'm sure you'll show him the new ropes too. Hey, let me know when you want him on your other board too. G
    23. hitthepost
      Hey GG
      Given you set up the thread directory I thought you might know...did Smeagle or anyone else put up at some point templates of soccer kits, that somewhat match the AFL ones and the Aussie cricket ones? I've rifled through Smeagle's tutorial and can't find, not sure if I'm looking for something that's not there though...Cheers!
    24. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      Wait what?
      You leave maddenblokes or something?
    25. Dirty Bird
      Dirty Bird
      Also, are you up for a game of madden?
      I havnt played a game online for a while and feel like one.
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    In every girl's wet dream
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