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Feb 13, 2016 at 5:03 PM
Apr 20, 2010
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Viewing thread The BigFooty 2016 Death List, Feb 13, 2016 at 5:03 PM
    1. Fluffy Tiger
      Fluffy Tiger
      Hey mate. Top job on the league's. When you asked for those that were not I league's to post screen shot of position I was thinking you were using the Bigfooty group which I was in. Only after looking at this list I realised you hadnt used that as I was left off the list. Can I be included still?
      1. GOAUS!
        Didn't use the Bigfooty group, only the leagues.

        Post a screenshot of your final rank and I'll add it to the table.
        Sep 20, 2015
    2. un_eggs
      Yet the Carlton poster's troll remains in situ.

      No worries mate, it's not your doing. I'm just tired of not being able to visit any non-Essendon boards without reading that shit.

      I'll post Jiska

      Thanks again
      1. Jiska
        So are we mate. I normally remove Essendon drug posts as soon as they appear but I wasn't around when these particular ones were posted. I encourage you to report them in future.

        Have sent you a PM. Check your inbox.
        Apr 12, 2015
    3. un_eggs
      Hi GOAUS,
      I take a bit of offense to the deletion of a post I made today. If anything, the offending post was simply pointing out the thread-clogging trolls against Essendon that are supposed to be contained to the HTB. To say the reason is 'crap post' is a subjective reason that somehow was not also applied to the legitimately 'crap post' that I was responding to.
      1. GOAUS!
        At a guess (Jiska would have been the one who deleted it) any post on that topic devolved to such a state that it's better just to remove the entire conversation.
        Apr 12, 2015
    4. scarrgo
      Gday GOAUS! first up great work on organising the leagues. Just wondering how I find which league that I am in? Cheers in advance.
      1. GOAUS!
        Looking like Div 7. Keep an eye out for it over the next few days.
        Mar 16, 2015
      2. scarrgo
        cheers. And is your SC name Red White and Blue? Mine has been redwhite&blue since I started years ago!
        Mar 16, 2015
      3. GOAUS!
        Yeah same name. Had mine for many years too.
        Mar 16, 2015
    5. Ant_
      Another Dogs mod, congrats :)
      1. GOAUS! likes this.
      2. Jiska
        Oh shit. I never thought of that. :(
        Apr 12, 2015
    6. Gibbsy
      Congrats on the light blue! It suits you! What board are you modding?
      1. GOAUS! likes this.
      2. GOAUS!
        Thanks! I do like the blue (needs more red and white though). Modding the SuperCoach board currently.
        Feb 8, 2015
    7. grizzlym
      You're blue. welcome.
      1. GOAUS! and Jiska like this.
    8. Werewolf
      Posted thread. Do you want to organise the DT league?
      1. GOAUS!
        Similar to you I don't venture too much into DT/AFL Fantasy.
        Jan 22, 2014
    9. ag6858
      Hey Goaus, I'm trying to come up with a way to get the SS gang back together. I don't want to make a facebook group, because of privacy, a chat room would suffer because of time differences- I'm considering a free, low maintenance forum, but it seems people got bored of the forum by the end- any ideas?
      1. GOAUS!
        Nah, it's sort of died out a bit now, I'm letting it go. People just got too busy and have moved on.
        Aug 8, 2012
    10. Dan
      I hate your avatar.
      1. GOAUS! likes this.
    11. ag6858
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