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Lunchlady Doris
Last Activity:
Jul 5, 2015 at 6:58 PM
Apr 3, 2006
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Lunchlady Doris

Brownlow Medallist, Male

#yoyoloo #hashtags Nov 10, 2013

Lunchlady Doris was last seen:
Jul 5, 2015 at 6:58 PM
    1. Waverley
      Imagine straight sets
      1. Lunchlady Doris
        Lunchlady Doris
        Meh, they fought hard. Clearly not good enough but never gave up. Proud of them. Gloat all you want, not fussed.
        Sep 12, 2014
    2. Lunchlady Doris
      Lunchlady Doris
      #yoyoloo #hashtags
      1. shepp
        It's just #yolo
        Apr 4, 2014
      2. Lunchlady Doris
        Lunchlady Doris
        yoyoloo = you only yolo once
        Apr 5, 2014
      3. shepp
        That's next level
        Apr 5, 2014
    3. Bombers 2003
      Bombers 2003
      i reckon a man who pretends to be a chick on the internet is a ******
      1. Thurlow2Mackie likes this.
      2. Bombers 2003
        Bombers 2003
        no,i said W A N K E R
        Feb 1, 2013
      3. Lunchlady Doris
        Lunchlady Doris
        As if anyone gives a flying **** what you reckon?

        I'm amazed you worked out how to operate a keyboard, let alone post on a forum. Dumbest poster on this site, and by quite a margin. Not even worthy of the time it's taken me to type this, but for some reason you decided to grace my profile, so have a pity reply.
        Feb 2, 2013
    4. garygee
    5. Necromancer Beth
      Necromancer Beth
      You mad at me again?
    6. SJ
      Well the orange suits you.
    7. SJ
      What's going on avatar/team-wise?
    8. Lunchlady Doris
      Lunchlady Doris
      Hey, how was that retribution on Easter Monday?

      That's twice you've predicted Hawthorn wins, right here on my visitors board.

      Eat it :)
    9. Necromancer Beth
      Necromancer Beth
      Max Rooke was a fake. He is a coward.
    10. Lunchlady Doris
      Lunchlady Doris
      A round 2 match? We'll let the babies have their bottles.
    11. Necromancer Beth
      Necromancer Beth
      No Scarlett, Kelly or Pods next week. Enjoy retribution on Easter Monday.
    12. TAITA
      I'll settle for 4.
    13. HyperAgressiveDonk
      Do I irritate you? I think I do :) Trollolololol :D
    14. captain peanut
      captain peanut
      if you haven't noticed yet from the tone of my posts i generally only come on here to wind up opposition supporters. makes the day a little more entertaining. yeah there was plenty of bravado ahead of all the finals on my part, but i have watched enough footy over the last 35 years to know that the pies were in alot of strife after what i saw in the 2nd half of the final v the eagles. call it an excuse if you like, but the preparation is actually a reason the pies lost. as i said good on the cats for one final hurrah in 2011. you have enjoyed a great era but it will now be a long time before you are around the mark in genuine flag contention again
    15. captain peanut
      captain peanut
      i'll be back in full swing when i get back in the country. working/ holidaying in the caribbean and africa for a couple of months has been/is a great way to get over a grand final loss. even if it has given me very limited internet access

      enjoy your win. there's really no need to rub it in to pies fans. you sound like you actually know a bit about footy, unlike many of the posters on here. you certainly sound like you know enough to realise that just too much went wrong with the pies late in the year, and in fact their effort to make it one of the great GF's for 3 quarters was exceptional and nothing to be ashamed of. they just ran out of steam in the last quarter due to half the team having had interrupted preparations over the last 3 months. swap the respective preparations and we win the GF just as easily. GF's are bloody hard to win and a lot has to go right. you got the luck this year, we didn't. well done
    16. Lunchlady Doris
      Lunchlady Doris
      A valiant effort HAD, gold star for trying.
    17. HyperAgressiveDonk
      Hawthorn are going to go to brown town on Geelong first week of the finals. Get yourself ready for the pain of another Hawthorn victory over Geelong when it counts yet again :o
    18. themarkedman72
      congratulations Doris that incredible news. YOu must be totally freaking out. Get ready for your life to change (So I hear)
    19. themarkedman72
      I am not being literal about you not having mates. I am just making the point that the its not true that you have no mates cause you have 20.000 posts like the other guy reckons.
      I am being sarcastic, making a joke out of the pies guy post.. I actually like you Doris, you can take it and give it. Your totally one eyed though ;)
    20. Lunchlady Doris
      Lunchlady Doris
      Go nuts champ, you're not going to believe me, but I couldn't care less.
    21. HyperAgressiveDonk
      Hi Doris, a little birdy tells me you're still upset about what happened in 2008. And that Hawthorn posters who mention it, really get on your nerves. I'm going to mention it with alarming regularity from now on.
    22. Hodgepodge
      Why do you post replies to other posters on your own board? Wow Doris, that's dumber than your hamstring bit.
    23. Lunchlady Doris
      Lunchlady Doris
      woopty ****ing doo
    24. Hodgepodge
      Breust has been the sub for four games and still averages more goals than Varcoe this year.
    25. BACCS
      Sorry mate, I managed to get them in on the weekend, but I've been a bit distracted over the last couple of weeks.
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