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Jun 8, 2011
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In the not so distant future

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    1. Dan
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Dan
        Can you elaborate on the name change?
        Nov 14, 2013
      3. MaddAdam
        Read more books, spend less time on the Internet ...
        Nov 14, 2013
      4. Dan
        I'll stick with Jack Higgins
        Nov 14, 2013
    2. Thurlow2Mackie
      Your posting is delicious. Melt those Essendon cheats!
      1. Penal_ and dymot like this.
    3. Ryz
      Was applying to Foxx, no idea why it happened to you mate, let me know if you experience any more probs
    4. over_soon_lol
      loving you work on the ASADA board

      Keep making these Bomber losers cry
    5. grizzlym
      Get on over to the MAdeline MCCann thread on the crime board. It's made for you. We have guest people in from the UK arguing both sides to the death.
    6. Doss
      Kudos for your latest article, DOP. The analogy of the AFL state within a state is right on the money.
      1. MaddAdam
        Cheers - it is something that makes you go = ummm, what?
        Nov 25, 2012
      2. Doss
        Yep. I actually thought the fine you guys got over the Hansen concussion saga, for pretty much doing nothing more than perhaps lightly inconveniencing the AFL, was ridiculous and was the thing that tipped the scales for me. It was the double standard of it that got me- the AFL conducted the organisation in a less than professional manner, and then turn around and slap North with a fine for getting pissed off?
        Nov 25, 2012
      3. Doss
        It seemed incredibly dictatorial for mine, and legally, were there even grounds for a fine? Is there a clause in the licences of AFL clubs that allow the AFL to come down on them in such a way for such a trivial thing? I've never read the fine print..
        Nov 25, 2012
    7. grizzlym
      1. DawOfSuspension likes this.
      2. MaddAdam
        Will do mate.
        Oct 4, 2012
    8. davo99
      hey mate what's your source on Wright Really dont want him to go was really good down back hope it isnt true
    9. whelan=legend
      Saw you 'tagged' me in a post (whatever that is), but the thread is now closed. Just got back from Europe today, first game I see? Norf bringing the LOLz! A true, deeply ingrained culture of finals thumpings down at Arden St. Nice to see the FD department spending has got you far - 1 final, 100 point loss, 6m in debt and a SOFT OUTSIDE RUNNING GAMEPLAN. LOL.
    10. Wernumberone
      lol. You talked up North all summer and crapped on and on about how good your midfield is and just like tools like HAD and KA you have been shown to know sfa about football.
      Now you are joining in with those tools and hanging shit on Essendon on the very week your pathetic team was beaten by 115 points. Do you have the same seniments as KA that you don't care that your team lost it's a great weekend because Essendon lost?
      1. DawOfSuspension likes this.
    11. Necromancer Beth
      Necromancer Beth
      Any enemy of Wernumberone is a warmly embraced friend of mine.
    12. MaddAdam
      Actually, it is autumn. Bombers play their best footy now.
    13. Wernumberone
      Summer Heroes, Winter Zeros.
    14. Wonaeamirri33
      Mate, cheers for that message about Jurrah just now on my preview thread. Always good to know you're with us while the artillery's being fired off all over the place in such a unjustifiably extreme way. Couldn't have posted at a better time either :thumbsu:
    15. Wernumberone
      Hows the best midfield the world has ever seen going?

      "Mark my words Cunnington will be a gun and have a break out year in 2012"

      Summer hero, winter zero.
    16. boncer34
      Good move knocking back my bet
    17. King Elvis
      King Elvis
      Ahaha, this is the greatest thing ever!!

      I did see SweetLeftFoot get arrested and get evicted out of the stadium and he did have his dick out.

      From The Idiot File!!

      What on earth were you up to?
    18. MaddAdam
      Keep people on their toes.
    19. nicky
      DawOfPerception? What is with all the name changes?
    20. HARPSichord
      Love the name change brah.
    21. Father Jack
      Father Jack
      Nice name change ;)
    22. HyperAgressiveDonk
      I see Panther is stalking you. Best advice I can give is to not encourage him. Don't respond to any of his posts and don't acknowledge he exists in any way, shape or form.
    23. MaddAdam
      Good for you. Though I think you managed to **** up your attempt to troll by omitting a "no" before "North supporters" there.
    24. JonoNash
      Just down at the beach shack down at Sorrento Jamie J, good thing is that there are North supporters (everyone has money) and no Stephen Jolley fanbois.
    25. sherb
      Well done on how you've handled the bagging of North in recent times. Classy. :)
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    In the not so distant future
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    "In my view, ASADA complied with the rule of law in establishing and conducting, in the manner and for the purposes it did, the investigation," Middleton said.
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