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Feb 6, 2016 at 5:00 AM
Oct 2, 2007
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Moderator, Male, from Perth

Malifice was last seen:
Feb 6, 2016 at 5:00 AM
    1. happypieman7
      Why is it a shit thread please explain last time I checked it was a footy forum ?
    2. Bosun
      Hey Mal,

      I saw your thread on the horrific attack in Woolwich, dreadful thing to witness (been there) hope your doing ok.


      1. Malifice likes this.
      2. Malifice
        Thanks mate. It was bad juju that's for sure.

        Riots last year down Woolwich way, now this!

        Had all the community leaders, Mayor and PM down the Town hall across the street yesterday. Pretty calm down this way, but still a sense of shock.

        Poor young boke.
        May 24, 2013
    3. fishardansin
      [quote="Malifice, post: 27040204, member: 50085"]
      you said stuff

      They didn't administer anything. I don't know much about the technique but it is basically the same as the treatment for OP. I've been asked to keep this quiet though. A disgruntled ex player is making it out to sound worse.
    4. Necromancer Beth
    5. Malifice
      Still in the UK brother - lawyering at a housing rights charity. Planning a trip to either a) Mongolia or b) Africa. Either way it'll be overland. Contemplating joining the TA over here for the lols as well.
    6. Si Botak
      Si Botak
      Hey "Chuck", hope you're doing well... still over in the UK I presume?

      Couple of the boys asked about you at ANZAC this year....
    7. lionel_luthor
      Really appreciate your comments on the prayer room thread, gives me hope that there is folk out there like you prepared to make a stand against the ignorant rednecks :)
    8. Paradigm
      Just saw this - I spent weeks defending myself against being called racist ....this is EXACTLY what I was trying to say - especially regarding the burka. It's really interesting and I wish there were more women like Raheel Raza

    9. nicky
    10. Sin City
      Sin City
      Ha, I didn't even realize it was that many :D

      How long until you're taking off around the world mate?
    11. Malifice
      Francoist? Nice Spanish Pseudo Facist reference there!
    12. Chops_a_must
      We need to knife these Francoist *****, Senor.
    13. centrelink1
      So there are others in this country who aren't Islamaphobic!
    14. chargers 09
      chargers 09
      Hey mate I just made a comment on the natural resources thread regarding human population, something you should probably read before going into more depth about all the rest of the stuff. Otherwise some interesting posts learnt heaps :p
    15. suetonius
      I saw some of your good posts about Iran on the SRP board. I found them very interesting.

      Do you do any independent writing or journalism youself? I think you should consider it because you have got a lot of knoweldge.
    16. Wonaeamirri33
      Exceptional work on that 'boatpeople' thread again today mate. Just read through it, and I couldn't have expressed these points any better. Can't think of anything that needs to be added to that at the moment either, you said it all :thumbsu:

      Been very interesting to read about your time in the ADF as well. Great to have someone around with that particular kind of knowledge and experience too...
    17. King Elvis
      King Elvis
      Good poster.
    18. vc_viking
      Hey Mal, haven't posted in SRP for a few days. Right at this point I don't have the energy to get into some discussions at the moment. But I'm still flickering through the threads. Hope you're doin well mate. Chat soon

    19. vc_viking
      Enjoying a nice glass of Pinot Noir, it's from Scotchman's Hill Swan Bay region. Pretty nice if you ask me.. Cheers.
    20. Wonaeamirri33
      Yep, you're doing a nice job on the SRP board Mal, kudos!

      PS- Love that pic of Ron working on the 'guns' too - the burn is deep ;)
    21. Thrawn
      Liking your work on the Society board. Keep up the good work mate.
    22. Mean Muggin
      Mean Muggin
      It's an unreal concept that's for sure!

      I can't explain it, but it makes more sense to me than any other philiosophy I've come across. It somehow puts life into perspective for me aswell. Very glad you and Wally brought it up on the infinity thread, otherwise I would have been none the wiser!.... or maybe my sub-consciousness thought it was time to make me aware of it, and used you guys as an instrument! ;)
    23. Malifice
      Not the kind that earns a lot of money! Probably due to the fact that Im a Left wing Agnostic humanist.


      FWIW, Im glad someone 'gets' it. I feel like ive been banging my head against a brick wall for 3 days!
    24. Mean Muggin
      Mean Muggin
      Love your work on the Gary Ablett Evolution thread. You're too smart to be a laywer, you should have done a science degree.

      What type of laywer are you anyway? (If you don't mind me asking)
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