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Mar 17, 2010
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A step ahead

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    1. grizzlym
      The day is nigh. Our man Sheeds 'aint going to be happy
      1. TAITA likes this.
    2. shepp
      Are you still banned from the Bay or just over it?
    3. oogac
      I like gardening
    4. go hawks!!!
      go hawks!!!
      Remove the actual name from the post....don't give a shit what you write just use your brains and don't use an actual name.
    5. Sweet Undies
      Sweet Undies
      Lotta love in here, brosef. Wish people liked me.
    6. grizzlym
      Hey mate, I can't reply to messages for some weird reason right now. No idea why - probably the techs doing some tweaking and the like.
    7. oogac
      Gday Mate. Definitely got to catch up for a few next time your in town. Ive been spendng a bit of time over in Bangkok the last 12 months but should be here for at least 3 months. Nothing better than seeing you in Bay 13. Like the good old days.
    8. H2F
    9. halfback dasher
      halfback dasher
      Clear ya pm space ....
    10. halfback dasher
      halfback dasher
      Love ya bro , hope things are well !!
    11. HyperAgressiveDonk
      The BFSC board is funny shite :o;)
      Thank you , greatly appriciated :-) i enjoy your threads a lot , they are always a great read .
      i see the post now,
      i had slightly forgotten that ,
      i had copied that word for word and coma for coma from the paper work i got ata function for the hawk museum function i went too ,
      i guess i can not take the credit for all that is written, as much as i would love too ,
      i do try to at least spell words the right way ,
      i was good at spelling at school 20 plus years ago and i think i am not bad most times with that,
      it is the grammar i am not the best at these days ,
      though not sure if i was that great at it back then,
      but i would have been better then i am now , 22 years on checkout , does not help either,
      cause all you deal with is numbers not words and grammar ,

      Thank you for putting up with my posts over the years , i try but do forget at times to try not to go on a rant where i don't stop posting till i hit submit . they usually happen if i am a bit fired up i think or tired .
      which post we talking ??

      i try not to do short hand , i must do that with out realising ??

      i do try but if i cop abuse i rebel,
      i know that i try harder if people ask nicely though
      working on check outs and not having to write things has not helped me remember things when it comes to grammar , etc etc .
      anyway how are you ,
      good i hope.
    15. Lunchlady Doris
      Lunchlady Doris
      So which is it, 4 flags or 5 for Hawthorn in the next decade (open mouth shock-face)
    16. Mick98
      Thanks mate:thumbsu:
      No worries if i come across him I'll let you know :D
      Good luck to you and your family:thumbsu::thumbsu:
    17. TAITA
      Cool bro - if you come across sunnytee in whatever carnation he is now - absolute legend of a man, and the only Collingwood fella in the Bay for many years - say g'day for me.
    18. Mick98
      Thank's for the advice mate:thumbsu:
      Appreciate it....Still admire long time posters like yourself:thumbsu:
    19. Mick98
      Thanks mate you are a better poster than myself:thumbsu:
      Can't wait for the 20th of March.May the best team win.......Just between you and me I'm worried:D
    20. Mick98
      LMFAO Darts is very nonathletic Wood chopping on the other hand:thumbsu:
      Good luck this year TAITA :thumbsu:
    21. H2F
      Merry Xmas to you too man - would love to catch up soon ...
    22. halfback dasher
      halfback dasher
      Your about the only bloke that gets me around here bro.....;)
      love ya work and hope things are well my freind.
    23. H2F
      Thanks mam but I can't seem to access that area of BigFooty. It keep saying I don't have the priveledges. Where is that thread, what board?
    24. krisholio14
      Thanks for the message mate, you called it right :D

      Bring on 2012, and what should be a cracking year for our both sides
    25. Copernicus
      No worries mate. I look forward to the resumption of hostilities next year and the prospect of many more tough and close encounters. We can expect nothing else!
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