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The Prosecutor
Sep 13, 2011
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  1. eth-dog
  2. Doss
  3. pantskyle

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The Prosecutor

Norm Smith Medallist, from #TeamBomber

    1. Harlequin
      Welcome back Pros and farewell Ogg
      1. Doss likes this.
    2. DapperDon
      Love the avatar mate. Pissa
      1. The Prosecutor
        The Prosecutor
        Haha, cheers man. Apparently it's not acceptable though and Admin went all WADA and came in over the top. :(
        Nov 1, 2014
      2. Doss
        I am actually Ben McDevitt and John Fahey rolled into one.
        Nov 1, 2014
    3. Harlequin
      That is one seriously disturbing av
      1. DonsRule likes this.
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      3. The Prosecutor
        The Prosecutor
        The two aren't mutually exclusive. ;)
        Sep 30, 2014
      4. Harlequin
        Or mutually inclusive
        Sep 30, 2014
      5. DonsRule
        Yeah, that AV scares me, I struggle to take Ogg seriously with it.
        Oct 1, 2014
    4. Messenger
      Da fuq is your new name?
      1. The Prosecutor
        The Prosecutor
        There's a story to it, if I knew the podcast was happening tonight, I would've shared!
        Aug 14, 2014
    5. power_army
      Hey mate, think I found you. Been a while since I checked out big footy.
      1. Ogg Cat likes this.
      2. The Prosecutor
        The Prosecutor
        Bit late but yes, it was me!
        Aug 14, 2014
    6. eth-dog
      Great work in the Jobe thread mate. He's got no clue what he's talking about
    7. Necromancer Beth
      Necromancer Beth
      Mufassa is going to town on Essendon in your top 4 & top 8 thread. It's funny as well. How sad for you.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. mufassa
        Differnt era - the power fowards of the 90's are dwindling and speed and endurance is important. Few one on one contests with teams flooding back and blocking space.
        Sep 3, 2012
      3. Doss
        True, but Carey was such a freak that he would dominate in any era.
        Sep 3, 2012
      4. The Prosecutor
        The Prosecutor
        Well I did warn you that your average losing margin in finals of 75 points was an indicator that you would get belted Mufassa, not to this extent though.

        That was putrid. Essendon walked away in 2009 with more pride. You had a full strength squad as well.
        Sep 9, 2012
    8. northmelbournefc
      Good luck making up 4 games plus percentage on us.

      Challenge successful have a nice Finals series
      1. Footy Karma likes this.
    9. mufassa
      Enjoy the next 6 days............

      "Good luck making up 4 games plus percentage on us."
      1. The Prosecutor
        The Prosecutor
        I saw that before.

        Still 5 games to go, pretty easy games to come against North, Carlton and Richmond. ;)
        Jul 30, 2012
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    Bomber Thompson - More Essendon than any other current coach.

    Club legend.
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