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Mar 1, 2015 at 7:06 AM
Oct 18, 2009
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TradeDraft was last seen:
Viewing forum Collingwood, Mar 1, 2015 at 7:06 AM
    1. Black_White
      Hi Dave.
      I'm unable to contact you at Nicks, but I have just seen your post about Asians taking up managers roles.
      From your description of the Post Office, and the fact that there are many family members there, I believe that these people have bought this particular Post Office Agency.
      Many smaller towns have P.O. Franchises.
      Maybe you could investigate this and find out for us
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      2. Black_White
        Feb 17, 2015
      3. Black_White
      4. Black_White
        Sorry to flood you Dave, but just a comment on LPO's.
        When we lived in Mooroopna we had a LPO who's opened 5 1/2 days.
        Now we live in Numurkah the Government
        PO only does 5 days. Prefer the LPO.
        Feb 17, 2015
    2. grizzlym
      Ban lifted. Thank 76's
      1. TradeDraft likes this.
    3. Skippos
      Hey mate, you got a link for those torrents?
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      2. Skippos
        yeah mate all good. appreciate it.
        Jul 11, 2014
      3. TradeDraft
        Seen you been good with your Ratio :-)
        Jul 11, 2014
      4. Skippos
        haha how can you see that! yeah, of course. my upload speed is offensively bad but i try!
        Jul 11, 2014
    4. TradeDraft
      Decent Start for the Season for The Pies at 2-2 and Seem to be Building in the Right Direction
    5. TradeDraft
      I dropped my External Hard-Drive and now won't load up.
    6. Mental Magpie
      Mental Magpie

      Mental magpie.
      I hope you're going to give me some detailed instructions Dave!!
      1. TradeDraft likes this.
    7. shepp
      Grundy is going to be a star. Should be getting senior games into him.
      1. TradeDraft likes this.
      2. TradeDraft
        Well got a Game vs GWS where he looked very promising
        Aug 1, 2013
      3. shepp
        I'm away at the moment so I missed his debut but going by DT it looks like he went well! I guess you guys were due to draft a good ruckman! ;)
        Aug 1, 2013
    8. tazzawazza
      Hey Dave, do you mind if I use one of your posts in my thread 'Harry slams Eddie' ?
    9. TradeDraft
      Sorry Guys if that has Upset You as that was not Mean, I am just as sad as you to see John Dying. What I said was too soon
      1. shrobhouse likes this.
    10. DThomas
      Dave, enough is enough. Everyone is hurting from the news and you are making it worse. Please, have some compassion.
    11. vjknight
      dave - delete your posts, offer a very brief apology and move on.

      you can discuss your hatred of grog another day.
    12. TradeDraft
      Up The Mighty Pies
      1. shrobhouse likes this.
    13. Optimax
      Happy birthday Mr. Draft! You really are The Man
    14. Heritier 09
      Heritier 09
      hey mate,
      can't reply to your PM cos your inbox is full. don't have any draft videos sorry, but i am an mcc member, saw you asking for a guest pass on the other site, say the word and it's yours. Go Pies
    15. Shellz
      If any of our board members could get a ticket Dave, I'd hope it's you :)
    16. Number 10
    17. baulchdogg
      Hi TradeDraft,

      Do you possibly have any invites codes left for aus.sierules?

    18. Johnson#26
      Haha. What a day for Collingwood fans eh. The rollarcoaster of emotions we all journeyed on won't ever be forgotten. Think we all feel sick thinking about it!
    19. Pissi123
      Thanks for that. Love the support!
    20. mattys123
      Merry X-Mas Dave, hope you have a great day.
      1. shrobhouse
        cheers bruz!!!
        Sep 24, 2012
    21. dansa
      Hey TD,

      Thanks for the invite to aus.sierules . I love having all the radio commentaries on my ipod- great!

      2 quick Q's

      1. Does the abc commentary cut out and skip most of first qtr or is it just an error on my download?

      2. What does the site mean when they say. No hit n runs, keep it seeded?

      Also ,I like the link to that 80's doco hosted by Lou Richards - don't remember seeing that before.

      Thanks again

    22. Miles da Phantom
      Miles da Phantom

      Can you send me the link to the site where i can download the GF radio coomentries? My email address is cmilesnaish@hotmail.com

      Thanks in advance

    23. dansa
      Hi Dave,

      Can you invite me to the site where I can download the GF radio commentaries?

      Thanks mate

    24. Porkaspies09
      hey mate, bit random but got a vfl question, is there a player on the vfl list maybe even rookie list by the name of Josh Hawkins, related to tom from geelong, thanks man
    25. Stuart Blight
      Stuart Blight
      Do you know if any radio station is broadcasting the vfl today that might be streamed on the internet ?
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