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Jul 29, 2014 at 6:33 PM
Mar 9, 2003
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Queen St & Peter Rd

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No ALF in SANFL, Male, from Queen St & Peter Rd

tribey was last seen:
Viewing thread The media....*Shakes Head*, Jul 29, 2014 at 6:33 PM
    1. King Elvis
      King Elvis
      Where you been you ballbag?
      1. tribey
        Hey mang, around the place like Hame's favourite commentary - was tempted to cut'n'paste my Showdown lyrics from TLC a few years ago but the material was somewhat dated. But yeah, my online presence is greatly reduced these days, admittedly #life
        Apr 2, 2014
    2. Piston_Broke
      What going on with you fella nowdays, your very quiet ?? All good ?
      1. tribey
        You mustn't be looking in the right places m8, until the nice lady at ShineSA rings back and tells me different I assume I'm fine?
        Oct 23, 2013
    3. bomberclifford
      I've only just noticed Scythe's Western Star tattoo. Supreme attention to detail.
      1. tribey likes this.
    4. PowerKat
      lol Surja Boy is back!
      1. tribey
        He will live on in our hearts like one of those African tapeworms <3
        Oct 22, 2012
    5. Gillian Batty
      Gillian Batty
      You've got waaaaay more trophy points than me :(
      1. tribey
        I'll have even more when the Fapped When Thomilf, Sal and Tredders Were Selected In The Same Team To The Point Where Your Doodle Resembled A Ringbarked Oak Tree Crossed With A Tinned Baby Prawn trophy makes its way across.
        Jun 7, 2012
      2. Gillian Batty
        Gillian Batty
        I'm hearing whispers from the Super Mods. That trophy is supposedly worth a whopping 9 points #jelly
        Jun 7, 2012
    6. PowerKat
      I see dumb people.
    7. PowerKat
      Sorry FishingRick04 is a moderator/admin and you are not allowed to ignore him or her.
    8. PowerKat
      welcome back - have a nice day :) ;)
    9. morell
      I hope that doesn't mean you are aware of my nick name or that you saw my terrible 15 minutes of fame...

      One day maybe matey. Reckon I might get to the AO game.
    10. The Smaller Warrior
      The Smaller Warrior
      haha the 'Hands off our SANFL' thing by The Big Warrior, is his partner.

      My dad; has a clue.
    11. Gillian Batty
      Gillian Batty
      Justifiably so. KT needs to step up his game.
    12. PowerKat
      Sorry to hear that... and about the tipping loss :D. I've done that a few times - but I usually kill my chances in rnd 1 by picking 2/8.

      I won a couple of tipping comps last year - only one had a prize though... (by using someone else's tips in rnd 1, and catching up 4 pts in the last 6 wks :thumbsu:), and was craptastic at dream team. I'm also o/s in July after postponing last year and can't see myself feeling all that devoted to knowing who is in and out while I'm there :D.
    13. PowerKat
      have ticked that off now... after debating whether to work backwards, or start from the 'last pg'... which is really the 'first pg' lol

      I can't believe the season starts this week - I haven't bothered with dream team (lucky for you, ay ;) ) and have only joined 2 tipping comps.
    14. DB10
      Would be quite surprised if you made finals if I'm being properly fair, probably around the same as last year on the bubble.
    15. DB10
      Anyone feel like Port doesnt exist?

      I've never actually heard of them before. Could you fill me in pls? ;P
    16. belfast_bomber
    17. PowerKat
      lol - that's awesome.

      I knew I'd be wrong

    18. PowerKat
      Great idea - putting aside my personal bias against Pandora bracelets of course ;).

      Monday morning is not the best time for surmising btw. Is it anything to do with pizza eating ninjas :D
      ...or maybe something to do with sticking our necks out?
    19. PowerKat
      not as much as I'm looking forward to Kingers and Cripps remaining in our coaching box... :eek:

      though yeah - lol - trade week is only good for the lulz that ensue
    20. Gillian Batty
      Gillian Batty
      I am but an amateur in comparison to you, DeeTee.
    21. PowerKat
      sooooo, the mattress gets the chocolates

    22. PowerKat
      vale deetee
    23. PowerKat
      nice bow by Jurrah after that super mark he took tday ;)
    24. PowerKat
      I'm with you there dt

      ...I think :p
    25. finbarr
      Wel, well, well! Haven't you two been having quite the chinwag! Hmmmmm
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