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Beer talk

Discussion in 'Black Diamond Corner' started by Papa G, Mar 29, 2012.

Put it out there
  1. Schlez

    Schlez Debutant

    Port Adelaide
    Other teams:
    May 06
    All this talk of bland, boring beers! For those in Adelaide you should check out brew boys on regency rd, great micro brewery with beers with FLAVOUR, and a decent IBU range. Lobethal Brewery and the Steam Exchange at Goolwa don't make shitty, boring said beers. Gotta love the range and constant turnover of exceptional local and international beers at The Wheatsheaf in Thebarton. Been getting into the Russian Imperial Stouts of late.

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  2. tribey

    tribey No ALF in SANFL

    Port Adelaide
    Other teams:
    NUFC, New England Patriots
    Mar 03
    Queen St & Peter Rd
    Had a m8 around last night who arrived bearing Indian Pale infused with Passionfruit. Bit weird, perhaps too strong a flavour.

    Switched to CC&Dry and then went for a sub-par meal at the Mawson Lakes Hotel. And by sub-par I mean quad-bogey with an Ian Baker-Finch case of the yips.
  3. Pakeha

    Pakeha Team Captain

    Port Adelaide
    Other teams:
    PAMFC, ManU, All Blacks
    Sep 07
    The Peninsula
    The two brewers (Brew Boy and Keg Boy, aka Stephen with a P and Simon) can certainly create some great brews.

    Jeez. Now we're talking. These are not for the faint hearted or the so called '2 pot screamers'. This brew was created super strong so it wouldnt freeze when shipped around Russia.

    Have not come across an Australian one yet, but Was in Aotearoa (aka New Zealand) a month ago. Lotsa boutique breweries, and bigger, everywhere. Moa breweries make an Imperial Stout at 10.2 percent alcohol and 8 Wired iStout is 10 percent. Both breweries are situated in my home town Blenheim (the area known mainly for Sav Blanc wines).

    Another great local brew my brother 'sedated' me with was a Tuatara APA (APA stands for a particular style of ale called American Pale Ale which I think is better than an IPA, India Pale Ale).

    Stephen with a P from Brew Boys once made an interesting brew (pilsner or EU lager I think) that had a strange aftertaste of banana. It was certainly the intention although no banana additives were used. Was not that keen on it myself. He also made a chocolate stout once too, which wasn't too bad.