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Lewis Hender - Glenelg medium fwd

Discussion in 'Draft Watch - Player Profiles' started by UpTheGuts, Apr 11, 2012.

Put it out there
  1. UpTheGuts

    UpTheGuts Club Legend

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    Nov 03
    It's 3.38am and I am making an application for Father/ Husband of the year.

    SANFL on the telly and I've noticed Lewis Hender, a medium fwd who could shave down a bit but looks to have very nice goalsense, a lovely, sharp and quick left leg and good spring

    Wondering how those with better knowledge of the competition and Hender himself may rate him


    Go to sleep, child!

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  2. Knightmare

    Knightmare Premium Platinum

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    Chicago Bulls
    Sep 10
    Has been good for some time.

    Big bodied forward who probably underperformed last year in his draft year.

    My criticism of him is that his marking isn't as strong as it needs to be for someone his size. Could also win more of his own ball. Endurance needs to build. So there is allot to work on if he wants to make it onto an AFL list.

    But the thing I like with Hender is that when he gets the ball he can hit the scoreboard in a hurry and do some serious damage. You're absolutely right about his goalsense. Now he just needs to find more of it more often and then we might have something.
  3. Snoop Dog

    Snoop Dog All Australian

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    Gippy Power
    Sep 05
    mate i am with you. he is a talent and he has started well this year.

    i think he went ok at NC and he was pretty good late in the year as well. I think it was more his fitness. I know the Glenelg guys were a little surprised he wasnt rookied.