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St Kilda leading the charge for a coaching salary cap

Discussion in 'Scandals and Rumours' started by Naitawhoey, Feb 19, 2012.

Put it out there
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  1. Naitawhoey

    Naitawhoey Suspended

    West Coast
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    Feb 10
    Title says it all. St Kilda are leading the charge and trying to drum up interest. They believe the reason Lyon left is because they could not offer him the money they want. The fear is the big clubs will simply buy out all the top coaches from smaller clubs in the same vain that Mark Thompson went to Essendon.

    It has alot of backing and the big guns in the AFL will vote on it at seasons end

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  2. you pick one

    you pick one Norm Smith Medallist

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    Nov 10
    The Island of my Dreams.
    A club thats done sweet FA ever, is going to tell us all how things should be done :confused:
  3. grizzlym

    grizzlym Admin

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    Sep 08
    Witness Protection
    Says who? A taxi driver? Some guy at the casino? Kevin Rudd?

    Don't answer that. And don't start anymore of these BS stories.
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