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Discussion in 'Richmond' started by Bird Man, Apr 23, 2012.

Put it out there
  1. THE_GUN

    THE_GUN Club Legend

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    Dec 07
    Last week i would of rather of played webberly as he has been knocking the door down in the magoo's this year or if Helbig was available him as well.

    But my point is that we should have somebody els on the list rather than mathew white and if webberly isnt given a chance this year to show if he is upto it at afl level - How do we cut him off without having a good look

    M.White is not good enough - Delist
    Webberly have a good look this years and if not aupto it also Delist
    McGuane -Delist
    Moore -Retire
    McDonald- Gone already
    Jackson,Edwards - Trade if suiters are available
    Newman - Vets list

    Thats around 7-8 spots on the list some would say we should do more but i believe that cant do everything at once but the above mentioned should really happen for us to move onto the next level.

    Sheesh i would even prefer to have travis Tuck playing instead of Mathew white ATM

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