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So Sheeds you reckon you and your new mob have done a great job building a list and you’re going to “make it an arm wrestle” this week. Well I’d hate to burst your bubble but the TAB doesn’t agree and have you at $21 to win the match.

That’s approximately the same odds as Black Caviar winning 82 races straight. It’s also the same odds as Freo to win the premiership. To put that into perspective, there is a purple team that finished 11th last year and has never won an AFL premiership in its history that has the same amount of chance of winning this year’s flag as you do of winning your first game.

It could be a really tough year Sheeds, you’re at an incredible $1.15 to take the wooden spoon and the competition is becoming quite imbalanced. Last year the top 4 lost just 14 games between them, and most of those were against each other.

Meanwhile those at the bottom seemed to be playing a ‘Washington Generals’ role, watching helplessly as Kyle Riemers types feasted on career best figures. Record-breaking opposition team performances might be something GWS have to get used to.

Sheeds, you’re going to need some real quality leadership to keep it all together. For your inaugural co-captain I want strict criteria.

Firstly they should be inexperienced. They should be coming from a bottom 8 team and not played a final. They should be overcoming at least two season-ending injuries. They have to be somebody still developing their game and likely to become pressured by unnecessary extra responsibility.  Well, 18-gamer Phil Davis, congratulations!

Oh but it’s not all bad news, your number 1 draft pick has just had knee surgery in Sweden…Oh sorry…that is bad news. What was he doing in Sweden anyway? The women there are enough to make anyone weak at the knees.

But Sheeds don’t get too down about it all, I’ll cheer you up with some cracking value markets from the BigFooty Bookie for this week’s blockbuster:


The winner of the Brett Kirk medal to gain enlightenment $7.50

The commentators to call Roberts-Thompson a better player than he looks $1.70

Israel Folau first try scorer $9

The GWS leadership group to look lacking in leadership $1.15

Overzealous umpiring $1.25

Multi: GWS to beat the Swans @ $21 + Freo for the Flag @ $21 = $441

Good luck Sheeds, back a winner!