Brisbane 3.3  6.6  13.10  15.14 (104)

Carlton   4.2  6.4   6.4      6.4 (40)

Carlton’s winless NAB cup has continued after being delt a thumping by an impressive Brisbane side in Maroochydore.

Brisbane were able to dominate a hapless Carlton, particularly in the second -half as they kept the Blues scoreless, while piling on nine goals of their own.

The Lions were lead by veteran Simon Black who was unstoppable with 31 disposals and 8 clearances, these along with a terrific snap to put Brisbane in front at half-time were a reminder that he still is all class.

Jed Adcock was also prolific, racking up 27 disposals and 8 clearances and his efforts combined with those of Black, Jack Redden and Daniel Rich resulted in total midfield dominance for Brisbane.

This dominance translated to results on the scoreboard, however they came from an unlikely source.

Daniel Merett was able to slot three goals in his first game this year, the full-back looked comfortable in his new position, a position that might be permanent depending on Jonathan Brown’s return.

Carlton were beaten all over the ground but did have some individual winners, Irish rookie Zach Tuohy was in the thick of the action early. He kicked two first quarter goals when the game was still up for grabs and looked at home around the contests.

He was not alone, former Richmond player Andrew Collins looked at home in his new Blues jumper on the half-forward flank. He was able to make a contest up forward as well as push up and deliver into the forward 50.

While the final result looks ugly, the first-half did not reflect this. Throughout the first-half, both teams traded goals and the margin never exceeded more than two goals.

That all changed in the second-half though as Brisbane went up a gear and were able to constantly push forward. Carlton began to falter and were unable to get the ball in their forward 50 as they consistently turned the ball over in defense.

Rockliff and Longer were the main beneficiaries of this Carlton’s poor use of the football, kicking two each in a seven-goal quarter.

The trend continued in the last quarter, the only difference being Brisbane were not able to convert as often.

A moment in the last quarter was indicative of Carlton’s half. Judd, who had had a down day in his first game for 2012 had a set shot to register Carlton’s first score in nearly two quarters but he missed everything, leaving Carlton with a scoreless second-half.


Brisbane: Merrett 3, Rockliff 3, O’Brien 2, Beams 2, Longer 2, Black, Luenberger, Karnezis

Carlton: Tuohy 2, Collins, Waite, Rowe, Heyne


Brisbane: Black, Adcock, Rockliff, Hanley, Merrett

Carlton: Tuohy, Collins, Davis, Lucas