Saturday March 10, 5.40pm, Albury

So we have a team of kids with some guys in their mid-to-late 20s…versus a team of kids with some guys in their 30s. Interesting.

There are some interesting conundrums though when it comes to the battle of the new teams. Gold Coast have actually looked okay, with close games against both Melbourne and Brisbane in NAB 1 and staying in it for most of the match against Geelong. GWS, although smashed by Hawthorn in NAB 2, had a very good opening in Blacktown against both the Bulldogs and Collingwood.

Key Players

Gold Coast:

Matthew Warnock: The former Melbourne defender will be asked to take on on a tall GWS forward line, which suits his grunt, man-on defensive style.

David Swallow: For the first time in over a year, Swallow will get the chance to showcase his talent against a team of players of a similar age and experience level.

GWS Giants:

Callan Ward: Ward will lead the midfield line against a comparable group of youngsters, and his experience will be looked upon to give GWS an edge.

Chad Cornes: The only way GWS are going to stand a chance is if Chad manages to help the youngsters hold off the bombardment that they are bound to suffer.

The One to Watch

Israel Folau v Whoever takes him: He can take a mark and kick a goal. If Warnock takes Izzy, it should be a good matchup, with the muscle-on-muscle situation down back.

Final Word
GWS will give them a crack, but the Suns will get over the line. Will be interesting to see who tires first, though.

Gold Coast by 22