Where and When:  AAMI Stadium, Saturday April 21, 4:10pm

Adelaide will hope return to winning form this week after suffering their first loss under Brenton Sanderson. They will hope to achieve this against a Greater Western Sydney team that began to show some signs of resistance last week.

The Crows will be disappointed with last week’s performance; they were beginning to look like they had made large steps forward over the off-season. However the 56-point loss showed how far they really are off the contenders.

http://www.flickr.com/mikecogh - Adelaide are out to re-capture their winning form


Despite being on the receiving end of yet another thrashing, the Giants will have a bit more to take out of last week. While they were humiliated in the first quarter, GWS were able to win the final quarter and keep the margin below 100 points.

Greater Western Sydney will be further buoyed by the return of James McDonald who returns from suspension, the experience and bigger body he brings will certainly add to the Giants’ midfield.

However they will be hurt by the loss of Jeremy Cameron who showed against North Melbourne that he has the potential to become a strong forward target.

What Adelaide Will Want To See:

Adelaide will want to see a return to form, last week was disheartening but they need to move on quickly. They will hope that any off-form players will be able to find some touch this week.

Another thing the Crows will be watching closely will be Kurt Tippett’s kicking. He missed two crucial goals last week which could have got them into the game. If the Crows want to challenge the top teams this year, Tippett has to fire accurately.

Adelaide will also be looking for a good showing from some of their inclusions that have been rewarded for their form in the SANFL. Playing against GWS is the perfect opportunity to impress and cement a spot.

Finally the Crows will want to leave the game injury free – the last thing any team wants when playing the Giants is injuries to critical players.

What GWS Will Want To See:

The Giants will want to see a continuation of their last quarter form last week. They were able to outscore the Eagles in the last quarter and they will want to build on this form each week and eventually come close to winning a game.

They will also want to be more competitive in the midfield, one reason their losses are so big is because they cannot get any ball into the forward 50. The inclusion of McDonald will help with this, his bigger body will help feed the younger outside players.

Final Say:

The Crows were wounded last week and this is a perfect opportunity to recover, they will be happy with an easy win to set them back on track and will probably not look to blow out the margin.

Greater Western Sydney did have a better last quarter last week but that does not acquit the performance in the previous three. They still have a long way to go and should be no match for Adelaide this week.

Adelaide by 74.



B: Sam Shaw, Ben Rutten, Brodie Martin

HB: Brent Reilly, Daniel Talia, Brodie Smith

C: Nathan van Berlo, Patrick Dangerfield, David Mackay

HF: Bernie Vince, Taylor Walker, Jared Petrenko

F: Jason Porplyzia, Kurt Tippett, Ian Callinan

Foll: Sam Jacobs, Scott Thompson, Rory Sloane

I/C: Michael Doughty, Shaun McKernan, Matthew Wright, Matthew Jaensch

Emg: Chris Knights, Brad Symes, Ricky Henderson


In: Shaun McKernan, Sam Shaw, Matthew Wright, Matthew Jaensch

Out: Graham Johncock (Thigh), Andy Otten, Tom Lynch, Sam Kerridge

New: Sam Shaw (Oakleigh Chargers (Vic))

GWS Giants

B: Phil Davis, Tim Mohr, Jack Hombsch

HB: Luke Power, Chad Cornes, Adam Kennedy

C: Rhys Palmer, Tomas Bugg, Tom Scully

HF: Stephen Coniglio, Curtly Hampton, Adam Treloar

F: Shaun Edwards, Israel Folau, Devon Smith

Foll: Dean Brogan, Callan Ward, Dylan Shiel

I/C: Jonathan Giles, Jacob Townsend, Adam Tomlinson, James McDonald

Emg: Josh Bruce, Anthony Miles, Nathan Wilson

In: Shaun Edwards, James McDonald

Out: Jeremy Cameron (Soreness), Toby Greene (Soreness)

New: Shaun Edwards (Melbourne Grammar/St. Mary’s)

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