GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY   2.0   4.1    6.5     10.9   (69)
WEST COAST                               11.4  15.8  21.9  23.12  (150)

The West Coast Eagles have accounted for an impressive GWS team at Blacktown by 81 points.

The Eagles led by Chris Masten (30 disposals, 3 goals) and Luke Shuey (25 disposals, 5 goals) proved to strong for the inexperienced Giants led by skipper Callan Ward (36 disposals, 1 goal) as the Eagles recorded a comfortable win.

The West Coast Eagles wasted no time in asserting their dominance on the game, kicking 11 first-quarter goals, with Luke Shuey kicking 3, whilst Chris Masten and Josh Kennedy kicked 2 each.

GWS also tried hard to compete, with two first-quarter goals on the board to represent their effort. It wasn’t enough though as the Eagles took a 58-point lead in to quarter time.

The second term was much more competitive, with the Eagles only kicking four goals to the Giant’s two. The match became a lot more heated as hard hits from Rhys Palmer and Dean Brogan saw the Eagles players protesting for their teammates.  Despite the efforts of GWS, West Coast still held a commanding 73 point lead to half-time.

The third quarter was reminiscent of the second, with the Eagles adding on another six goals to the Giants’ two. Despite the Giants’ best efforts, the margin at three-quarter-time was 94 points to the visiting team.

The fourth quarter was all GWS. In their best quarter of football in this league, the Giants won the quarter piling on four goals to the Eagles’ two as West Coast had an eye on next week.

In particular the attack on the ball carrier was excellent, causing numerous turnovers to which the Giants streamed forward time and time again, bringing the final margin to a respectable 81-point win for the Eagles.

The Eagles will now meet Hawthorn in Perth next Saturday while GWS will take on Adelaide in Adelaide.


3. Chris Masten

2. Luke Shuey

1. Scott Selwood


Greater Western Sydney: Giles 3, Palmer 2, Ward, Bugg, Treloar, Tomlinson, Townsend
West Coast: Shuey 5, Masten, Lynch 3, Naitanui, Kennedy 2, S.Selwood, Smith, Dalziell, Cox, Hill, Darling, Hams, McGinnity

Greater Western Sydney:
Shiel, Palmer, Ward, Scully, Giles, Power
West Coast: Shuey, Gaff, Schofield, Masten, S.Selwood, Hurn

Reports: Nil

Foot, Ryan, Wenn

Official crowd: 6,875 at Blacktown International Sportspark.