Ross Lyon

Gee, that probably felt really good.

The Dockers are flying -


A win in Melbourne. Moreover, a win in Melbourne where they really didn’t look too flash early on. The Dockers fought at it and pushed through. The man mountain Aaron Sandilands dominated, and they ultimately walked away from Etihad with the four points.

But very importantly, a win in Melbourne. Finals are played in Melbourne.


Flying under everyone’s radar to the top of the ladder. Questions will be asked of their form against the ‘top’ sides.

Answers will come next weekend, against Hawthorn in Launceston. A loss there even will not be the end of the world, as long as it is a fighting loss rather than a ten-goal trouncing.

On a side note, Mark Stevens was roundly criticised for putting John Longmire in the top 3 coaches in the league. Honestly, right now I think he’s spot on. With a list made up of players from all over the shop, Longmire has forged a solid side capable of restraining any other.


The Dons were paying $7. $7. That’s Gold Coast victory long. Superb attacking football wins them the day.

The Western Bulldogs’ midfield

It was about all they had going for them. They managed to knock off probably the weakest side in the competition with no forward line or backline.

The neutral

It’s shaping up to be a hell of a season. Pick a winner now. Hawthorn? There’s questions about their backline. Carlton? Probably the most complete, but problematic in depth. Collingwood? Injuries. Freo? Still questions. West Coast? Any more forward injuries and they’ll be in real strife. Geelong? Haven’t impressed. Essendon? Certain players aren’t really good enough. It’s going to be a great run to September.


St Kilda

The Saints are just about treading water. I can’t see them making the eight, as there are just too many sides trying to bust in. The stars keep their heads up, and some of the kids are impressive, but the gap between the two means that when they fall, it’s going to be with a thunk onto hardwood flooring.

Gold Coast

Poor once more and their one ridiculously bright light is injured. Uh oh.


Something funny is going on down the highway. They’re not up to scratch. It’s odd. Everyone is now afraid to write off Geelong after so long at the top, but they’re not their slick, efficient selves.

Midfields are able to get runs on and crack them. The whole scenario is a bit surreal. I’m not writing them off, but I’m starting to question them for sure.



Daniel Giansiracusa

See “Down hill skiier”.

Gary Rohan and Robbie Gray

Jesus. Rohan’s was reminiscent of Nathan Brown – I was there that day, and nearly threw up. Gray’s was none too pretty either, legs should not bend that way. All the best from all of us at BFN.