Where and When: AAMI Stadium, 4:40 Sunday April 29

The Power have an upset in mind - http://www.flickr.com/photos/dannebrog/

Showdown 32 is set to provide a great litmus test for the two South Australian sides, Adelaide are 3 and 1 but their wins have not been against tops sides, whereas Port Adelaide’s three losses have been very competitive games against top 8 teams.

Adelaide is coming off a 46-point win over Greater Western Sydney last week. Despite wet conditions and a more competitive GWS, the Crows would be disappointed that they did not put the Giants to the sword.

Port Adelaide will be more content with the loss they suffered last week to Collingwood. Apart from an opening quarter blitz from the Pies, Port was the superior team for the rest of the game; it was only the class of Collingwood that proved the difference.

Adelaide have made multiple changes this week, they gain some experience with the inclusion of Johncock but loose Bernie Vince to a hand injury. Also 19-year-old Jarryd Lyons is set to make his debut.

Port Adelaide’s only change is the loss of Robbie Gray to that horrific knee injury, replacing him Aaron Young who also makes his debut.

What Adelaide Will Want To See

The Crows will want some consistency from their two big forwards. After being lambasted the week before for his inaccurate kicking, Kurt Tippett came out against the Giants and kicked 4 goals 1. However, his partner in crime, Taylor Walker kicked 1 goal 5. If the Crows want to win they will have to make the most out of their opportunities.

Adelaide would like to see one of their small forwards kick a bag. While Callinan has kicked 3 goals twice, if he or one of the other small forwards such as Porplyzia and Petrenko can get away, it takes the focus off the big forwards and almost assures that they will win.

Another player they will be looking at for a big game is Sam Jacobs. The Crows midfield is bigger and more experienced than Port’s and if they can get first hands on the ball courtesy of Jacobs then Port’s midfield will find them almost impossible to stop.

What Port Adelaide Will Want To See

The most important thing Port will want to see this weekend is a win. While they have improved from last year and have so far been constantly competitive, they still only have one win.

They can have as many competitive losses as they want but it all counts for nothing if they end up on the same amount of wins as last year. This showdown is the perfect stage for them to prove their improvement and get another win on the board.

The Power will also want a big effort from their defence; Carlile and Chaplin face the daunting task of containing Tippett and Walker. While you can contain one it is difficult to contain both, they will be looking to their fellow defenders for a chop out in tight situations. If Port can stop these two they are well on their way to winning.

Finally they will be looking for a big performance by their younger players. The showdown is a very tough and heated contest and it is very easy to become overwhelmed. Jacobs, Pfeiffer, Young, Butcher and Hartlett all have never played in a showdown and without finals experience they will have never played in a game that will be as hard as this. If these players can keep their composure they the Power should be able to continue their form.

Final Say

Adelaide is coming off an easier game against GWS and will probably be a little better prepared. However, while the Crows form is good it isn’t great and they are very beatable.

Port Adelaide is desperate for a win and will throw everything at the Crows. The Showdown adds another element and almost always brings the teams closer together.

The teams are a lot closer than on paper and this game is set to be one of the more memorable Showdowns.

Port by 7 points



B: Sam Shaw, Ben Rutten, Graham Johnco;ck

HB: Michael Doughty, Daniel Talia, Brent Reilly

C: David Mackay, Scott Thompson, Brodie Smith

HF: Ian Callinan, Taylor Walker, Matthew Wright

F: Patrick Dangerfield, Kurt Tippett, Jason Porplyzia

Foll: Sam Jacobs, Rory Sloane, Nathan van Berlo

I/C: Jared Petrenko, Shaun McKernan, Matthew Jaensch, Jarryd Lyons

Emg: Andy Otten, Brodie Martin, Ricky Henderson


In: Graham Johncock, Jarryd Lyons, Ian Callinan

Out: Bernie Vince, Brodie Martin, Ricky Henderson

New: Jarryd Lyons (Sandringham Dragons)



B: Jacob Surjan, Alipate Carlile, Jackson Trengove

HB: Paul Stewart, Troy Chaplin, Danyle Pearce

C: Kane Cornes, Domenic Cassisi, John McCarthy

HF: Bradley Ebert, Justin Westhoff, Matthew Broadbent

F: Chad Wingard, Jay Schulz, John Butcher

Foll: Brent Renouf, Travis Boak, Hamish Hartlett

I/C: Daniel Stewart, Ben Jacobs, Aaron Young, Darren Pfeiffer

Emg: David Rodan, Cameron Hitchcock, Simon Phillips


In: Aaron Young

Out: Robbie Gray

New: Aaron Young (Eastern Ranges)