(Betfair Press Release)

With many corporate bookies refusing to offer a price on West Coast to beat GWS in round three of the AFL, the message to punters is loud and clear – ‘if you want to back the Eagles, you can get on at Betfair.’

Unlike the corporate bookmakers, punters on the Betfair exchange bet against one another at odds of their choosing, and the likelihood of another hugely lopsided affair hasn’t deterred the ‘layers’ from offering up odds of $1.01 for the West Coast to prevail Sunday’s game against the league’s newcomers.

This means that for punters looking to back West Coast, there are other punters more than happy to match (or ‘lay’) their bet.

At present, layers on the Betfair exchange are prepared to take more than $60,000 of bets at $1.01 for West Coast to win.

Betfair’s Daniel Bevan said: “The corporates might have closed their books through fear of being stripped alive but there are plenty of Betfair punters willing to offer $1.01 about West Coast on Sunday.

“In fact, early shoppers were able to get $1.02 for the West Coast to win. More than $27,000 was matched on an Eagles victory at that price.”

Not only can Betfair players snap up a price on a near certainty in West Coast, they’re getting almost twice the price for Essendon to beat the Gold Coast on the exchange than is being offered by TAB Sportsbet.

“Punters are offering $1.07 for the Bombers to beat the Suns, who are currently at $12.50,” Bevan said.

“With the TAB, you are being offered $1.04 for James Hird’s side and $10 for the Gold Coast.”

“This is another illustration of the choice offered by the Betfair exchange. Why be dictated to by the bookies? The punters call the shots on Betfair.”


Greater Western Sydney             $50.00

West Coast Eagles                           $1.01