West Coast

Despite injuries, despite a non-forward line, the Eagles juggernaut just keeps on rolling. North did stand up and put up a fight, but defeating the Eagles in Perth looks to be an impossible task once more.

Gold Coast youngsters

No Ablett. No Harbrow. No Rischitelli. No Bock. No Fraser. Admittedly they had Campbell Brown, but he has the maturity of a 12 year old so may as well be a kid. They took Freo absolutely all the way on Saturday in a great game, and were unlucky to lose. They have GWS next week and will certainly get the first win on the board.



Geelong and Collingwood

Both of last year’s grand finalists barely seemed to get out of second gear to win on the weekend. Although I still have concerns about Geelong’s ability to get out of second gear, the fact that both sides are so relaxed is ominous indeed.


The September question is surely answered now. Five wins from six games. Assuming the 12-win formula still applies, they’re looking at only another five wins as they still get to play both Gold Coast and GWS again. There’s another Showdown in there, plus Melbourne. A lock for the bottom half of the eight.

Power forwards

Roughead, Franklin, Koschitzke, Clark, both Riewoldts and Walker all had stunners. Although there were some poor performances (most notably Hawkins) it proved to be a great weekend for the tall.


Fremantle DockersFremantle

The boys in purple are not impressive at all right now.


Just when I was getting confident in them, they drop admittedly a thriller. More concerning, however, is the injury to Adam Goodes.

St Kilda

A reader stated last week that I had some sort of anti-St Kilda bias, consistently putting them in the losers. The problem that they have is that it’s tough to see them being a winner at all. They could have been 5 points down at 3 QT on Saturday night had Riewoldt kicked straight. Their elite brigade are too easily neutered, and although some can get free and have an impact regardless (take a bow Lenny Hayes) the problem is one that doesn’t go away. The Saints are beating the teams they are expected to. Concerningly, though, they are not going close to an upset the other way.

Old Players at New Clubs

Ablett, Harbrow, Rischitelli, Bock, O’hAilpin, Cornes and Brogan all were injured on the weekend. Add Brennan and Davis with knocks and it’s a rough ride.


Apart from Mitch Clark, it’s a struggle at Demonland.