Where and When: The Gabba, Sunday 20 May, 1:15 pm

It’s set to be an interesting lower-ladder clash as Brisbane host Greater Western Sydney at the Gabba.

Both teams sit in the bottom four after Port Adelaide’s win and both teams will be looking to clinch wins to move up the ladder.

There have been a lot of changes made for either side – nine overall – as Brisbane look to improve their side while GWS continue to employ a rotation policy to get them their second win.


Brisbane have stagnated this season, it’s fair to say, but most supporters will have had this one marked down as a win and as a result they will go in favourites.

Jed Adcock makes his return, while young trio Ryan Lester, Josh Green and Rohan Bewick all make their return.

Ben Hudson, however, remains on the sidelines, leaving first-year player Billy Longer to take the ruck battle by himself, and it will be interesting to see if he can give his midfielders the advantage.

With the likes of Simon Black, Tom Rockliff, Jack Redden, Daniel Rich, Pearce Hanley and Andrew Raines likely to tag Callan Ward, first use to them will go a long way to securing the four points.

Greater Western Sydney

The Giants will be looking for what was originally an unthinkable second consecutive win at the Gabba today, and considering the form of the Lions to date they’ve a great chance of leaving Brisbane victorious.

Despite resting impressive players Devon Smith, Dylan Shiel and Tomas Bugg and losing Liam Sumner and Adam Kennedy to minor injuries it’s fair to say they boast the most impressive young squad.

With the revival of ex-Power ruckman Jonathan Giles who’s in scintillating form the midfield have a great opportunity to inflict damage, pumping it inside 50 repeatedly.

If Phil Davis and Tim Mohr can contain Jonathan Brown and Daniel Merrett, then it’s easy to see the Giants coming away with yet another victory.

Players to Watch

Jonathan Brown:

Still one of if not the most courageous player in the competition, Brown has been in average form to date this year. Against an inexperienced defence it’s a worrying sign if he can’t kick a few goals.

Israel Folau:

Folau is taking his time to adjust to the AFL pace but named at full-forward he should have the height and athleticism advantage over Matt Maguire or Joel Patfull, his likely opponents. Here’s another great opportunity for him to make a name for himself.


Brisbane look in sorts this year, only winning against fellow bottom four teams. Whether that’s a sign of a victory today or a big indictment on the club, I don’t know.

The Giants are hungry but with the home ground advantage I’ll be tipping the Lions. In a nailbiter.

Brisbane by three points



B: Ryan Lester, Matt Maguire, Josh Drummond

HB: Jed Adcock, Joel Patfull, Mitchell Golby

C: Pearce Hanley, Tom Rockliff, Daniel Rich

HF: James Polkinghorne, Jonathan Brown, Jack Redden

F: Ashley McGrath, Daniel Merrett, Patrick Karnezis

Foll: Billy Longer, Simon Black, Andrew Raines

I/C: Jared Polec, Joshua Green, Rohan Bewick, Dayne Zorko

Emg: James Hawksley, Ryan Harwood, Niall McKeever

In: Jed Adcock, Ryan Lester, Joshua Green, Rohan Bewick

Out: James Hawksley, Todd Banfield, Ryan Harwood, Niall McKeever

Greater Western Sydney:

B: Luke Power, Tim Mohr, Sam Darley

HB: Adam Tomlinson, Phil Davis, Sam Reid

C: WIlliam Hoskin-Elliot, Dom Tyson, Tom Scully

HF: Adam Treloar, Jeremy Cameron, Stephen Coniglio

F: Chad Cornes, Israel Folau, Toby Greene

Foll: Jonathan Giles, Callan Ward, Jacob Townsend

I/C: Andrew Phillips, Rhys Palmer, Matthew Buntine, Taylor Adams

Emg: Anthony Miles, Sam Schulz, Nathan Wilson


In: Sam Darley, WIlliam Hoskin-Elliot, Matthew Buntine, Adam Tomlinson, Sam Reid

Out: Tomas Bugg, Dylan Shiel, Liam Sumner (foot), Devon Smith, Adam Kennedy (shoulder)

New: Sam Darley (Nth. Hobart), Matthew Buntine (Dandenong Stingrays)

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Greater Western Sydney

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