Richmond's form makes for some happy tigers -

I’m not a believer…yet. How good is it though to have Richmond up and about? A whole generation of Tigers supporters with hope. As for the game, well, no player was a weakness.

It truly was a team victory, something which has lacked from rising Tigers sides in the past. I’m not going to buy in completely until they make the finals two years in a row, though.

St Kilda

Solid. Still can’t quite pin down if they’re actually a finals chance or not, particularly with the league as close as it is, but the Saints have been impressive the last two weeks.

Port Adelaide

Makes up for the embarrassment 12 months ago somewhat. The impressive thing is that they were challenged early by the Suns, and pushed back and won. The Power are quickly turning things around it seems, although it remains to be seen if it can be done in the long-term.


For three quarters, the Dees kept close to the Blues and stayed well away from any labels of being ‘bruise-free’.

Judd was nullified well, the much-maligned midfield was actually delivering and a few of the younger players stood up to be counted. If one can be impressed by a 58-point loss, though, it’s still not great.


Somehow they manage to win without a backline. The Pies are managing to keep low and have the attention directed to other teams despite being grand finalists in 2011.

West Coast

Smash and grab second half. Lyon’s particular brand of football hasn’t caught on 100% yet, thankfully for the Eagles.



Could the wheels be coming off early? Apart from Luke Hodge, the Hawks don’t have any major injuries, and yet for some reason, it’s just not clicking.


Never have I been less impressed with a 58-point win. Melbourne did exactly what Essendon and Adelaide did, putting high pressure on the ball carrier and not giving them time to act.

The Dees weren’t fit enough or skilled enough to knock off Carlton, but nevertheless it was poor. They’re going to get found out even more often, and expect the vultures to circle for Ratten if they lose this week.


The criticism has been entirely on Melbourne, but there’s a side up in Queensland who are virtually no better. Brisbane were lucky to face Melbourne in round 1, and could very well lose to them on the return leg later this year.

Voss may be a legend of the club but things are bound to get worse before they get better, particularly with age starting to catch up to Black.

Brad Scott

That said, the win for North does have to be footnoted with the huge comeback that Brisbane made in relative terms. North were nearly 60 points up early in the third term only to win by 16 points. Big problem.


Couldn’t put their dominance on the scoreboard, particularly in the third term. They’ll be back with a vengeance soon enough though.


A riddle wrapped in an enigma. I can’t believe it’s a case of ‘No Goodes, no Swans’ but what else can you put their form slump down to?