SYDNEY SWANS 7.1 11.4 16.9 21.12 (138)
MELBOURNE 0.3 1.5 2.7 5.7 ( 37)

Melbourne supporters have been getting used to reading negative reviews on their side’s performances this year, however chances are that most will avoid the papers for the rest of this weekend. Make no mistake, those who attended the mauling that Sydney dished out for the Saturday twilight game at the SCG, witnessed Melbourne’s darkest hour so far in 2012.

The Swans were hoping for a return to form after two losses in a row, and looked sharp and switched on from the outset. Their midfielders where mostly allowed to run free within scoring range, which found Kieren Jack kicking the first two goals of the game.

Soon after Luke Parker ran forward for a major, followed by Lewis Jetta and two in a row from Josh Kennedy. Finally as the quarter drew to a close, Sydney found their first goal through a forward when Ben McGlynn converted from point blank range. The Swans went into the first break up seven goals to nil.

On a day when the less talented Demons would have been hoping to at least be competitive, the game rolled on and Melbourne’s competitive spirit was nowhere to be seen. Missed tackles, half-hearted chasing, soft efforts over the ball, and the infamous “bruise free footy” Demons that a few Carlton players talked publically about last year were on full display.

Two of Melbourne’s senior players, players that should be leaders, in Aaron Davey and Brad Green, gave very poor efforts time and time again. Davey in particular was often pitiful when within five metres of the contest, and not for the first time this year provided his younger team mates a perfect example of what a soft and disinterested performance looks like.

It’s getting ugly down at Demon Land, and Sydney continually exposed Melbourne with hard running that provided them with a numerical advantage at most contests. Ryan O’Keefe, Daniel Hannerbury and Kieren Jack where in the thick of it, gathering over 30 disposals apiece, and Kennedy, Marty Matner and the like showed Melbourne that putting your head over the ball will often deliver results.

On a day where Melbourne had very few positives whatsoever, Jack Watts found a career high 34 possessions playing mostly loose in defense, and Sam Blease and Nathan Jones were respectable. Jeremy Howe’s spectacular mark on the wing was the only real moment of excitement for Melbourne on the evening, and is surely the club house leader for mark of the year.

The final siren closed the book on a 101 point thrashing that brings Sydney to 6-2 this year, as Melbourne suffer at least another week sitting in last position on the ladder.


3 – Kieren Jack

2- Ryan O’Keefe

1 – Daniel Hannebury

Sydney Swans:
 Kennedy, Jack, Parker, Jetta 3, Dennis-Lane, Walsh, McGlynn 2, O’Keefe, Reid, Mattner
Melbourne: Jones 2, Bennell, Sylvia, Green

Sydney Swans:
 Jack, Jetta, Parker, O’Keefe, Mattner, Grundy, Walsh
Melbourne: Watts, Jones, Howe

Sydney Swans:
Melbourne: Jurrah (ankle, wrist), Jones (sore)

Sydney Swans:
 Alex Johnson replaced by Craig Bird in the fourth quarter.
Melbourne: Cale Morton replaced by Jamie Bennell in the fourth quarter.

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Nicholls, Hosking, Kamolins

Official crowd: 20,818 at SCG.