If you’re an AFL fanatic, you’ll know that there’s nothing better than travelling to the grounds of an opposing team and cheering on your side as they thrash the home team. Since the beginning of Brisbane football, when a new era of AFL began and the mighty Brisbane Bears took the field in 1987, the support for AFL in Queensland has continued to grow. The unlikely bears triumphed in their first game, creating a rivalry between southern teams, which has survived throughout the years. Many out of state fans now travel to The Gabba, to cheer on their team as they take on the Brisbane Lions.

If you’re planning a Brisbane football holiday, be sure to follow these tips for an unforgettable experience!

The Best Seats in the House

While The Gabba is a spectacular sporting ground, there are a few things that you should take into consideration when booking your tickets for the big game. If you choose to sit in the lower sections of the grounds, don’t sit towards the back if you’re coming to watch the game. Unfortunately there is sometimes limited vision, with sight being blocked by the upper tiers of the stadium. If you’re looking for some behind the posts action, however, sections 13-17 and 32-37 in the lower section would be best, while sections 52-57 and 73-75 would be perfect for those who prefer a bird’s eye view of the action.

Before the Game

As with most major sporting venues, food and beverage prices sky-rocket as soon as you walk through the gates. Luckily, for travelling football fans, Woolloongabba is a vibrant suburb, just on the border of the Brisbane CBD – home to some great cafes, bars and restaurants. To save some money and experience a little of the Brisbane culture, pick up a pre-match snack or try one of the many Woolloongabba restaurant’s; all within walking distance to The Gabba.

Drowning your Sorrows

The Lions always lift in front of a home crowd and are always a chance to cause an upset! If your team should do the unthinkable and lose a game at the all-mighty Gabba, there are plenty of ways to drown your sorrows in Brisbane. The Chalk Bar, just metres from the grounds, is always packed with devoted footy fans on game night – a great place to go over the finer details of the game with fellow supporters. If your team has just lost to Brisbane, however, prepare yourself for a lot of trash talking – especially if you’re proudly wearing your team colours.

If you’re not up for a bit of friendly banter and would rather forget all about the game, located just 30 minutes from Brisbane are some of the world’s greatest theme parks. A number of holiday specials are available when visiting Queensland theme parks, so try to make the best of a bad situation and forget about your teams shocking performance by strapping yourself in for the ride of a lifetime!