sydney swans v gws giants

Sydney 19.18 (132)

GWS 5.8 (38)

A best on ground effort by local boy Kieran Jack saw the Sydney Swans easily account for GWS in the second Sydney Derby.

Jack amassed 33 disposals and two goals to earn the Brett Kirk medal as the Swans powered home with an eleven goal second half to cruise to a 94-point victory.

A disappointing crowd of 22,565 witnessed the second Sydney Derby, which could prove to be a low point of the Giant’s season, with Luke Power (ribs) and Dylan Shiel (foot) leaving the field from potentially season ending injuries.

Lewis Roberts-Thompson knocking himself out in a kamikaze marking attempt in the first few minutes typified the Swans desire to make a statement in the second showdown of Sydney.  While the Giants were wining the taps and getting first touch, the Swans were using the ball better for three early goals and a couple of near misses.

Chad Cornes was getting plenty of the ball across half-back but the GWS forward surges were few and far between, with only nine inside 50s, one a dash down the corridor by Adam Treloar ended in him slipping at a vital time and skidding the shot for a behind.

The Giants were left to pressure and chase – with 24 tackles laid for the quarter – and were rewarded with a late mark and banana from the pocket to James Cameron to make the gap fourteen points at quarter time. This would be as close as it got as a freakish volley from Josh Kennedy as Mumford tapped a behind-destined Sam Reid set shot back into play the first of a procession of streaky goals for the Swans.

The Giants number one draft pick Jonathon Patton was well held by the staunch Ted Richards, though showed a few glimpses of his enormous potential with some great pack marks and also delivering long for Rhys Palmer to take a hanger and kick his side’s second goal.

The spread and speed of the Swans proved too much for the Giants, with Roberts-Thompson, Lewis Jetta and Sam Reid all beneficiaries of long and fast ball movement, Reid’s goal right on the half-time siren stretching the lead to 37 points.

Callan Ward opened the scoring for the second half, but a quick reply to Sydney’s McGlynn, another to Reid, two great goals from deep in the pocket from Jack and a free in the square to Everitt saw Sydney take a ten-goal lead into the last quarter. Jetta kicked the most exciting point of the night after taking a mark from a kick out and streaming up field, only for his shot on the run to spray wide some 120 metres and six bounces later.

Toby Greene goaled for the Giants in the last to nicely sit with his 31 disposals for the game, but the Swans ran rampant at the other end with Jetta, McGlynn, Mumford and Kennedy scoring, before a smother, regather and snap from Goodes showed he wasn’t too far from his Browlnow best form.

McVeigh finished with a game-high 37 disposals, and was ably supported by O’Keefe, with 36, and Hannebury with 29. The Swans defence was again stingy, and also the platform from which many a fruitful forward foray was launched, while the Giants were deprived the time and space to capitalize on the great tap work of Brogan and Giles and the contested ball won by their promising young midfielders.

In what felt like an almost bullying effort by the Swans to take out the White Ribbon Cup, in front of a crowd that will most-likely have many questioning the demand for the game in the Greater West of Sydney.


Sydney Swans: Jetta 3, Goodes, Jack, Kennedy, McGlynn, Reid, Roberts-Thomson 2, Everitt, Hannebery, Mumford, Pike
Greater Western Sydney: Cameron, Giles, Greene, Palmer, Ward.


Sydney Swans: Jack, McVeigh, Jetta, McGlynn, O’Keefe, Hannebury, Kennedy
Greater Western Sydney: Greene, Ward,  Cornes, Treloar, Palmer


Sydney Swans: Nil
Greater Western Sydney: Power (broken ribs), Shiel (foot)


Sydney Swans: Martin Mattner replaced by Craig Bird at three-quarter-time
Greater Western Sydney: Jonathon Patton replaced by Adam Kennedy at three-quarter time.


3 – Kieran Jack
2 – Jarrad McVeigh
1 – Lewis Jetta

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Hay, Wenn, Armstrong

Official crowd: 22,565 at ANZ Stadium.