‘Kick it to the S#!T HOUSE’, compiled by Michael Winkler and prefaced by Dennis Cometti, is a book that is charming in its unabashed rudeness.

Boldly stating that it contains ‘Great Australian Sporting Quotes’, ‘Kick it’ is a veritable smorgasbord of compiled gems from some of the great national sporting personalities in living memory.

The collected works are sorted into categories – including ‘Tell it like it is’ and ‘Huh?’.

While ‘Kick It’ focusses mainly on the great words from football, cricket, tennis, golf and soccer identities; it is not limited to these. It also includes some gems from the worlds of boxing, racing, sailing and other sports Australians love.

Witty and more direct than a Ricky Ponting cover drive, ‘Kick it’ does justice to its cheeky title.

‘Tonight they’re like Matthew McConaughey in a singles bar, they can’t miss!’ – Dennis Commeti.

Winkler has obviously taken great pains in compiling the collection which, while relatively thick, is sized conveniently at about A5 so it doesn’t take up to much room on the bar or poker table.

The quotes aren’t for the kids, with the author not shying away from controversial topics such as Socceroo Ljubo Milicevic’s infamous quote about drug use in the oval balled codes and Ben Cousins’ reputation ruining drug habit.

Its certainly a diverse selection, and each little quote offers something different.

Favourite football coaches, such as Jack Dyer and Wayne Bennett, feature as do a collection of cricketing heroes from yesteryear with their notoriously dry wit.

‘Kick It’, while not a book you’d sit down and read cover-to-cover, is light enough to guarantee a few laughs at the next party you stumble into, two cartons in to a Boon-esque binge.

Rating – 3.5/5.