The first week of the trade period has come to a close – along with the second week of free agency, and we’ve had quite a bit of action, with six trades total taking place. BigFooty News looks at the move your club has made in the weeks action.

Completed trades are highlighted in bold and players either leaving their clubs or nominating another club are highlighted in italics. To just see the list of completed trades and free agency movements, scroll to the bottom of the page.


We kicked off the week with the usual flurry of action. The news on everyone’s lips was ex-Crows forward Kurt Tippett’s decision that he wished to be traded to 2012 premiers Sydney, after seemingly originally wanting to leave for reasons of homesickness. We saw little progress on that count for the day, and indeed for the week.

Before the exchange period had even begun, three young players found their new homes via the father son bidding. Although there were obviously no surprises, the news of Lachie Hunter (Western Bulldogs, son of Mark Hunter), Joe Daniher (Essendon, son of Anthony Daniher) and Jack Viney (Melbourne, son of Todd Viney) officially joining their respective clubs led to overall relief and happiness.

Kurt Tippett may have nominated his club, but there was little headway made this week in terms of a trade

As is the case with many father-son picks, it wasn’t just the acquisition of the player, it was the value they’d acquired them for. Lachie Hunter was touted as a second round pick, but the Dogs managed to snag him with their third (currently pick 46, but likely to fall after compensation picks are announced). Viney was rated as a first rounder – indeed, much of the talk leading up to the father-son process was what Melbourne would have to spend if GWS and GC bidded, but luckily for them they got him for a steal at pick 26. The Demons said they were ‘absolutely thrilled’ to the media after the bidding.

Perhaps the biggest bargain of all was Daniher though. Essendon was always going to have to use pick 10, but that is considered a very small price to play for a player that could have gone top 3, or even number 1 according to some recruiters.

The Gold Coast Suns kicked off the proceedings in earnest during the exchange period, getting the first trade done before lunchtime on the opening day. Greater Western Sydney gained the second overall pick in the 2012 draft, while the Suns nabbed freakish youngster Jack Martin with pick 1 in the mini-draft, which they received from the Giants. Other exchanges of picks also occured in the trade – most notably the exchange of end of first round compensation picks from each clubs. The difference between them is that the Giants’ pick now doesn’t expire until 2015, allowing them to bank it for the future.

This marks the second time the Gold Coast have acquired the leading player from the mini-draft in its two year operation. They picked up 17 year old Jaeger O’Meara last year, whom the Suns will unleash on the footballing world in 2013.

An hour later we had another deal on the table. Port Adelaide, as expected, snagged South Australian product Angus Monfries from Essendon. The twist was that instead of using free agency to get Monfries for free, they passed on pick 48 to Essendon. The reasoning behind this was so that the Power wouldn’t miss out on any compensation for departing free agents Danyle Pearce and Troy Chaplin. Monfries said he was excited to return home, and will spend (at least) the next four years there after signing a long-term deal.

Angus Monfries headed back home to South Australia, signing a four year contract with Port Adelaide.

The Josh Caddy and Jared Rivers talks continued (one looking like choosing a home, the other tossing up whether to stay at home) while the first inklings that North Melbourne forward Lachie Hansen may be leaving the club trickled out. It didn’t take long for the next trade to kick off though.

Former Adelaide forward Tom Lee, who did not play senior football for the club, was snagged by St Kilda with pick 12 heading to GWS. The Giants have the right to pre-list any player formerly on a list before the draft (trading up to a maximum of 10), so the Saints were forced to trade. However, getting the jump and paying the price for Lee may reap dividends, as he tore up the WAFL this season and had clubs circling. Along with Lee, the Saints received picks 24 and 43.

Shortly after, the biggest trade of the day came to fruition. Hawthorn were looking for a key defender to bolster their stocks and they got their man. They traded their first and second round picks (#21 and #41) to the Western Bulldogs for Brian Lake and pick 27. Lake enjoyed a fantastic career at the Dogs, playing 197 games and, at his best, being one of the most feared defenders in the competition. But his manager described it as ‘win-win’, with the Hawks gaining the experienced backman they needed and the Dogs securing picks to put them in good stead for the future.

And with that, the shuffling and shaking of the first day ended. The Demons confirmed their interest for Collingwood forward Chris Dawes, the Saints confirmed their interest for West Coast defender Mitch Brown and we waited for the events of the next day.

Brian Lake changed his polo on Day 1, heading to the Hawks to strengthen their backline.


The fires dimmed slightly on Tuesday morning, but there was still some trading to come and stoke them in the works. The uncontracted player pool dwindled once more as Collingwood signed defender cum forward Tyson Goldsack to a two year deal, while the Bulldogs held on to essential big-man Will Minson for another two years also.

So, in tune with the future being the order of the day, GWS locked down the first three picks of the draft in the first trade of the day, acquiring picks 3 and 13 from Melbourne in exchange for their second mini-draft pick, pre-listed player Dominic Barry and pick 20. The Demons grabbed man-mountain 17 year old Jesse Hogan with their MD pick, who has been likened to Jonathan Brown, while Barry is an exciting and speedy 18 year old who rapidly rose up the ranks of local and school football. The Giants had Barry pre-listed in their NT zone, meaning Melbourne would have to trade to get him.

Just when all seemed quiet, Collingwood premiership midfielder Sharrod Wellingham found his way home. West Coast and Collingwood had been trading some minor barbs about offers, but they found an agreeable ground with Wellingham heading west for West Coast’s first round pick (#17).

It was last drinks for Sharrod Wellingham at the Pies, as West Coast traded their first pick for him to join their ranks.

The Jonathan Giles (GWS) talk continued, with Giants list manager Stephen Silvagni confirming disagreements with the offered contract.


A relatively quiet couple of days followed, with only deal being finalised and it was a biggun. There was plenty of talk otherwise.

On Wednesday morning, three Hawks (Stephen Gilham, Clinton Young and Tom Murphy) were all talked about as possible movers from the 2012 runners-up. Gilham to former club Port Adelaide, Murphy to the Suns and Young’s tour of Collingwood’s facilities was the big gossip.

After that we heard news from the Gold Coast. Joshua Toy was considering a move to Melbourne, with Hawthorn and Essendon the likely candidates. The big news though came in the form of Josh Caddy finally moving after a deal was organised between the Suns and Geelong. The fine-print still needs to be sorted out, but he is now a Cat and the deal will involve at least Geelong’s first round compensation pick. Funnily enough, this means that both of the picks Geelong received for Gary Ablett will now be heading back to the Suns.

The other important headline of the day was that Brent Moloney was heading to the Brisbane Lions, pending a medical examination. Moloney’s management had reportedly spoken to almost every club around, but Moloney settled on Brisbane after speaking to coach Michael Voss. Later in the week he officially became a Lion after passing this examination.

Brent Moloney began his journey to the jungle on Wednesday, officially becoming a Lion two days later.

Thursday was even quieter, but the atmosphere still felt frenzied as it is wont to do during trade times. The morning was quiet, but we saw some activity in the afternoon. The Tippett talks continued, but some headway was seemingly made as Swans CEO Andrew Ireland said that they had a ‘positive’ meeting with Crows management about a trade for Tippett. He categorically denied all rumours that father-son selection Tom Mitchell was possible trade bait in the scenario.

Shortly after that, we had two players turn their backs on their current clubs. Ben Jacobs, the Port Adelaide defender, and Cruize Garlett, the North Melbourne midfielder, both requested to leave their clubs. The former to return to Victoria, the latter for more opportunity. Expect a deal to be done next week.


Brent Moloney‘s medical test the night before obviously went swimmingly as he fronted the media in Lions gear and officially became a member of the club for the next two years. Both player and Lions’ recruiters were happy with the deal for the restricted free agent. Melbourne did not contest the deal although they had a right to, having previously said they would allow Moloney to leave.

Just before lunchtime, the Hawks’ Tom Murphy joined the Suns as the rumours had suggested. Although Murphy had said he’d make up his mind ‘over the weekend’, the unrestricted free agent sped up the process and fronted the media. Although he missed the 2008 and 2012 grand finals with the Hawks, he obviously still held a lot of love for the club, saying he was ‘forever grateful’ to them. Murphy played 95 games for the Hawks and was part of the leadership group, even standing in as captain for a game in 2011.

Chris Dawes: Destined to be a Dee?

As the week wrapped up, many of the rumours and trades suggested were still up in the air. Chris Dawes made his decision from the clubs that were circling him (namely Melbourne, the Bulldogs, Carlton and, surprisingly, Brisbane), nominating the Demons. The trade is expected to be wrapped up quickly, with Melbourne reportedly offering their pick 20.

Another wanting to join the Melbourne group was Cameron Pedersen, the North Melbourne utility. Rumours had followed him for a while and he admitted he was looking for more opportunity and saw the Demons as a likely destination.

Friday wrapped up with new Port Adelaide coach Ken Hinkley saying he was ‘interested’ in the prospect of placing ex-Melbourne forward Liam Jurrah on the rookie list for 2013.

Join BigFooty News next week for wraps of all the trade news as the exchange period continues and free agency wraps up for the year.

Completed Trades, Week 1:

Gold Coast Suns traded first round draft pick (#2), fourth round draft pick (#63) and 2010 end-of-first-round compensation pick to Greater Western Sydney for selection 1 in the GWS mini-draft (Jack Martin) and 2011 end-of-first-round compensation pick

Port Adelaide traded third round draft pick (#48) to Essendon for Angus Monfries

St Kilda traded first round draft pick (#12) to Greater Western Sydney for Tom Lee, second round draft pick (#24) and third round draft pick (#43)

Hawthorn traded first round draft pick (#21) and second round draft pick (#41) to Western Bulldogs for Brian Lake and second round draft pick (#27)

Melbourne traded first round draft picks (#3, #13) to Greater Western Sydney for Dominic Barry, selection 2 in the GWS mini-draft (Jesse Hogan) and first round draft pick (#20)

West Coast Eagles traded first round draft pick (#17) to Collingwood for Sharrod Wellingham

Free Agency Movements, Week 2:

Tom Murphy (Hawtorn, unrestricted) moved to the Gold Coast Suns

Brent Moloney (Melbourne, restricted) moved to the Brisbane Lions