The object of the game is to make the worst possible Supercoach team in order to score the fewest points at the end of the season.

Your score at the end of the season will be the total of all your players average supercoach points, plus any penalties. Once you submit your team you cannot make any changes during the season. Teams are submitted in this thread with a screenshot before the first game of the year.

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How to play

1. Choose a team
* Log on to supercoach and make a team of 22 players. Do not select any substitutes. (refer to the example team below)
* The team you make must be within $100 000 of the $10 million supercoach salary cap. If you have more than $100 000 remaining your team will not be accepted.
* No trades or subs allowed.
* You can change your team before the season starts if you need to,
* No team changes allowed after the first bounce of the season.

2. Choose a captain
* Select a captain from your team who is worth more than $500 000.
* Captains are worth double points.

3. Post a screenshot (don’t forget the #Spudcoach17Team )
* Once you have selected 22 players on the field, your captain, and have the right salary cap remaining, post a screenshot in his thread including:
– Name of your captain.
– Your user name.
– The #Spudcoach17Team hashtag.


* At the end of the season, the average SuperCoach points for each of your players are totaled.
* If any player you selected fails to play a game, you get +200 points for that player.
* The winner will be the person with the lowest score (total of all player averages + double for the captain + any penalties for players who did not play).

Please submit your team by posting the screenshot of your team with the hashtag #Spudcoach17Team and nominate your captain.

Like this:

(Your bigfooty username) Captain: Pendlebury


At the end of the season the winner will receive a special profile badge: [​IMG]


Q. I play supercoach already. Do I need two supercoach accounts to enter a spudcoach team?
A: No. Just enter your spudcoach team following the above instructions then you can remove those players and enter your real supercoach team.

Q. Can I pick injured players?

A. Yes, but if they are injured all season and don’t play a game, then they get +200 points for your team.

Q. But if they are injured and miss some games, won’t their total score be low?

A. Not necessarily because their spudcoach score is based on the player’s supercoach average at the end of the season, not their total score. So if they play one game all year and score 100 points, that is the same spudcoach score as a player who averaged 100 points over all 22 games.

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