It’s back again for 2017! Your chance to take Chief‘s money :cool:Tip the first 19 picks of the AFL Draft and you’ll win $2,500.

Or, if nobody tips the lot, tip the most correct draft picks and you win two year’s Platinum BFSC membership.

The rules are simple and it is an easy two-step process to enter.

Winning the prize: that’s the hard part.
To enter – the quick version:

  1. Post the players you think will be picked in the first 19 picks of the AFL National Draft on the 24th of November 2017 in the order you think they will be picked.
  2. Then send your name, address, phone number and BF user name to (this information will be kept private and deleted when the competition prize has been awarded).

If you tip all of the first 19 picks correctly, you’ll win $2,500. Will this be the year that someone finally takes the cash?

If you tip the most first round picks correctly, you’ll win two year’s Platinum BFSC membership. In case of a tie we have a tie-breaking system detailed below.

Entries close 5:00 PM AEDT on the 24th of November. You can post or edit your entry post up until that time.

The Draft begins at 7:00PM AEDT – you can find all important AFL dates here.

To Enter – The Details

Follow these two steps. Miss a step and your entry will not be counted:


Using this template, post your entry in this thread.

Remember that you’re not locked in once you post your entry.

You can edit your entry any time up until the deadline of 5:00 PM AEDT on the 24th of November. Anything time-stamped after that time will be ignored.

NOTE re academy and father/son picks:

1. Academy & father son picks will be based on the highest pick that the receiving club used to get that player. (e.g. if GWS use pick 11, the correct pick will be pick 11 no matter when the player was selected)

2. All other draft positions will be based on the value of their pick before academy & father son picks are taken into account. (e.g. Brisbane’s 3rd pick will be counted as pick 18, even if academy & f/s cause it to slide)

1. Brisbane Lions
2. Fremantle
(received from Gold Coast via Lachie Weller trade)
3. Carlton
4. North Melbourne
5. Fremantle
6. Collingwood
7. St Kilda
(received from Hawthorn in 2016)
8. St Kilda
9. Western Bulldogs
10. Carlton
(received from Adelaide via Bryce Gibbs trade, originally received from Melbourne via Jake Lever trade)
11. Greater Western Sydney
(received from Essendon via Devon Smith trade)
12. Adelaide
(received from Brisbane Lions for Charlie Cameron, originally received from Port Adelaide in 2016)
13. West Coast
14. Sydney
15. Brisbane Lions
(received from Richmond via pick swap, originally received from Geelong in 2016, via Carlton and GWS on-trades)
16. Western Bulldogs
(received from Carlton via pick swap, originally received from Adelaide via Bryce Gibbs trade)
17. Richmond

18. Brisbane Lions
(received as compensation for free agent Tom Rockliff)
19. Gold Coast
(received from Geelong as part of Gary Ablett trade, originally received as compensation for free agent Steven Motlop)



Email the following contact information to

  • BF User Name:
  • First name:
  • Last Name:
  • Street Address:
  • Phone number:
  • BigFooty User Name:

This information will be kept completely private and deleted after the competition prize has been awarded.

This prevents people from entering many times.

If there are no winners of the main prize these emails will be deleted without even being looked at. The main prize will be sent only to the supplied address, for the supplied name.

Need help? Got a comment?

You can discuss the comp and post questions here:


The Rules and Terms

  • Only entries posted in this official forum thread are accepted. The first post of the official thread gives you the format in which you must post your entry.
  • You must complete both steps in the entry process by 5:00 PM AEDT on the 24th of November.
  • You may edit your entry post. Entries which are posted or edited after the deadline, according to the forum and email time stamp, are immediately invalidated.
  • A copy of this whole thread will be taken at 5:00PM on the 24th November – that copy will be used as the official set of entries.
  • One entry per person, only one entry per household. Multiple entries by the same person using aliases or from the same household will invalidate ALL entries by that person or household. “Aliases” are determined by the judges and we reserve the right to identify these at any time, including retrospectively after the winner/s is/are announced.
  • The cash prize for a completely correct set of tips will be sent via cheque to the person named in the entry email, to the address in the entry email.
  • Attempts to circumvent the rules or spirit of the competition render that entrant’s entry (or entries) invalid.
  • A correct tip is the correct player at the correct pick number.
  • Grand Prize: All tips correct, $2500 – split amongst all winners should there be multiple winners.
  • Best Tipper: Most tips correct, Two years Premium Platinum membership.
  • Tie breaker! For the Best Tipper prize, in the event of a tie, we count back down the list of picks. If only one person in the tie tips the first pick correctly, they get the prize. If both players tip the first pick correctly (or both get it wrong) we go to pick two and apply the same test. And so on up to pick 20. So correct tips for earlier picks are more valuable than later tips. If this tie-breaking method fails to deliver a winner, all members of the tie get 2 years Platinum Membership.
  • The judges reserve the right to edit existing rules or introduce further rules to protect the integrity and good intentions of the competition.
  • The judges will be Chief, Chris25, and TheBrownDog. Their decisions in this competition are final. No discussion will be entered into.

Happy tipping everyone!