It’s a call no parents should have to take.

Around 7.30pm on a Friday night late last year, the family GP called with some devastating news. Within minutes the Andrews family rushed to the hospital.

Fifteen year-old Nathan Andrews had leukaemia.

Within days, the Gold Coast Suns Academy product had begun chemotherapy, interrupting not only his promising football career, but a time in any young person’s life that is supposed to be happy and care-free.

Mum and dad, Michael and Lisa, have spent many nights on the couch by their son’s bedside. Michael is a plumber who often gets only a few hours sleep before waking to begin his day at 5am.

With Lisa now Nathan’s full-time carer, Michael is the sole breadwinner in the family. Given that he is self-employed, he has no sick leave or compassionate leave that he can take. If he doesn’t work, the family doesn’t have money. They would like to see a charity started in the future to help self-employed people in situations such as these.

The Andrews family are well-known in the community as a family that is always willing to give and to help other without expecting anything in return. Given their current situation, now they need the help of the footy community to give some of the same spirit than Nathan always shows out on the field.

If you are able to assist financially, you can donate to their cause through GoFundMe by clicking here.