AFL followers are relishing the drama and rumours of who is joining which club ahead of the season. You don’t require detailed knowledge and a degree in sports to recognize a talented young player. A simple eye test is enough, meaning without any requirement of stats you can just tell when a player is talented. But the real talent hunters wait for the late draft or even the rookie draft.

There is a history of clubs having drafted important free agents in the final stages of the draft. Who moves where has a lot of impact on the betting odds of a team. If a team drafts an excellent player who could improve their performances then certainly punters’ decision would be influenced by that. In order to stay updated thebookiesoffers is the perfect platform as it provides updated odds from various reputed bookmakers. On top of that there are also offers like free bets and enhanced odds.

Sports betting of any sort requires in depth knowledge of both the game and the teams, unless all you’re interested in are blind bets and blinder luck. Knowing, for example, that the upcoming match between Man United and Crystal Palace places a bookie’s favourite against a club that has a habit of pulling miracles wins out of hats, should inform how you interpret the odds of 5/12 for Manchester United, when major upsets from Crystal Palace may not be out of the bounds reality.

Billy Hartung

As the list of all the delisted and retired players started getting longer many were left surprised to see Billy Hartung’s name on it. He was playing extremely well for North Melbourne and at just 23 years of age his delisting did not make much sense. Agreed that he got injured mid-season but up until that point he had featured in every game for his team and put in some fine performances.

In the fourteen games that he played he averaged seventeen touches per game. On top of that he displayed his athleticism with a plenty of outside runs. Despite the injury to his hamstring he is a top player and will be looking for a new club.

There is an argument that he has been delisted twice now, by Hawthorns before the Roos let him go. But his performances this year showed that he is a player on the rise and could be an excellent addition to any team.

Cory Gregson

Playing footy on the highest level takes a heavy toll on the players’ body. At just 22 years young Cory Gregson has felt the full effect of the rigours of the game. If taken proper care injuries can be avoided but Gregson has had no luck with injuries so far. He just can’t seem to stay fit for an elongated period.

Geelong’s decision of delisting him comes as no surprise given his poor injury record. However he has managed 39 appearances in one of the best teams in the league and that he has achieved at such a young age is quite impressive. There is no doubt about his talent and if he gets his fitness sorted then he could prove to be a bargain for the club that drafts him.