Now, we hope we’re wrong but this is not the type of round we wanted to see after three weeks of byes – a.k.a the annual disruption.

Last night’s game was a cracker in the end. Looked for all money like GWS were home and hosed before the Bombers said, no way, our season’s on the line, and ripped that victory from the jaws of defeat with 22 seconds to play!

But it’s not last night’s game we’re interested in. We’re running out eye over the rest of the round.

Sadly not much to look forward to as an impartial.

In the first of our new weekly column we’re running our eye over the upcoming round by ranking each game in order of interest.

1. Cats v Crows

Without question the MOTR – that’s Match of the Round for millenials. 1st vs 5th.

Form line is four wins and a loss for the Cats (the only blemish, their standard post bye loss) and three wins and two losses for the Crows. While it’s clearly match of the round if the Cat freight train gets going this could quickly turn into quite the yawn fest. Let’s hope not. Crows haven’t won in Geelong since 2003. Doesn’t bode well.

2. Magpies v Kangas

2nd v 13th doesn’t look like much on paper but formlines suggest otherwise. The Pies are four and one over the past four matches, while the Kangas are three and two. Fair to say the Pies form has been average, despite the fact that they keep winning. The Kangas have been a revelation since Brad Scott left Arden St. They’re playing with freedom and the best bit for them, the game is at Marvel.

3. Lions v Demons

The Lions look set for finals for the first time in forever and while they’ll be in front of their passionate home fans at the Gabba, the Dees will arrive feeling very happy with themselves after finding a way to outlast the Dockers at the G last weekend. No major ins or outs and a beautiful 25 degree day set for Brisbane (jealous anyone?) and the scene is set for a cracker.

4. Daylight, a country mile and then some.

Apologies to fans of the rest of the comp not featured either last night or in positions 1-3!

5. Hawks v Eagles

Will Hawks fans turn up? Will they respond to the criticism that they’re the competitions most fickle supporters? Who knows? If this game were in WA I it would be a few spots lower in our rankings but with a visit to the G – and despite their feats in September last year – you always wonder how they will travel. Roughy came back for the Hawks last week but big Nic Nat is back from his knee reco. Not sure it will be a cracker but

6-9: The rest….

Sorry… maybe next week.

Of course if you disagree feel free to vent on the forum.