Australian Rules Football has seen a tremendous rise in popularity across the world over the last few years. A game that consists of 18 a side teams, it is one of the most loved sports in Australia. As a result, fans, punters, and bookmakers follow the players and the teams throughout the year with much anticipation and excitement.

The main annual event revolving around footy is the Australian Football League season that typically commences in March, and goes up until September. The 123rd AFL season ended in 2019, with Richmond taking home the cup. An eventful season from the very beginning, the next few months in the footy calendar are going to be relatively quiet. However, that is not to say that fans can take a back seat. This is the perfect time for everyone who is remotely involved with the game to introspect and get ready for another season of phenomenal gameplay.

Post-Game Analysis

For the teams or even fans who enjoy the nuances of Aussie football, this is the ideal time to analyse some of the more notable games of last season. It’s a great way to understand team weaknesses as well as strengths while appreciating the game for its raw disposition. Typically, during the competition, there are so many games taking place that there is no time to re-watch a particular game. So, it’s now that you can get together with friends and really dissect each game in its entirety while relieving some of the classic moments from the previous season.

Setting up the Bets

Agreeably, it is a little early for fans and punters to place any bets on AFL 2020, but that does not mean that they can’t start planning for it. Picking up wagers, before the tournament, can lead to some profitable bets, but only if you are ready for them. Therefore, analysing the teams beforehand can prove to be quite a lucrative affair. For newcomers, these quieter months are an excellent opportunity to select the right bookmaker, and partner up with them. Leading bookies such as Vegas Betting online are packed with several options that allow you to bet not just on the AFL but on different sports across the world. Moreover, first-timers can pick up welcome bonuses that provide them with extra cash to increase their winning returns.

Off-Season Purchases

Looking to get a new team jersey or some memorabilia? The weeks right after the end of the AFL are the most pocket-friendly. Shop owners are more than eager to get rid of their stock, and you can pick up some cool bargains on tees, glasses, banners, flags, and basically anything with an AFL team logo on it.

Following the Team

A true fan never forgets about their team. While the players are taking a break, there is still action happening in the league. Player transfers, coach changes, stadium updates, its regular business for most in management during the off-season. Fans and punters especially need to keep a lookout for any transfers as that can alter the team dynamics for better or worse, once the new season starts.

Most importantly, a fan needs to keep the spirit of the game alive during this time. He or she can make this happen by playing footy themselves, or just talking about it with fellow enthusiasts on internet forums and during fun barbecues.