After a 16-year hiatus or a 16-year spell in the wilderness, or whatever you may term it, Leeds United are back in the Premier League. This is where the Lilywhites belong.

They might not have won a lot of trophies in their illustrious history but Leeds United are one of the crucial aspects of everything related to English football. This is a club that embodies resilience, passion and sheer dedication.

And the perfect man to lead this club was always going to be Marcel Bielsa. The Chilean tactician has guided the club to the Premier League and has done so while making his charges play attractive football.

El Loca is a unique manager in the sense that he will never back down from a challenge and would also want his sides to play an attractive brand of football. Like an aggressive high roller using a BetMGM bonus code, regardless of the quality of opposition is in front of them, Bielsa wants his teams to attack.

The Athletic Bilbao side under Bielsa was punching above its weight and played really attractive football.

In a similar vein, Leeds United are expected to play attractive football and would look to match the very best in England at the same time.

Bielsa is one of the most enigmatic characters in the game and has been in football management for over three decades. The Chilean has done wonders wherever he has gone and is also a big influence on some of the best coaches on the planet, including Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola.

The former Lazio manager is notorious for his attention to detail. He is completely dedicated towards in depth analyses of the opponents, something that can be traced during the infamous Spygate incident where he sent his coaches to spy Derby County’s training seasons.

And Bielsa never denied those accusations and instead admitted what he was doing.

While the English FA handed Leeds a £200,000, it was Bielsa who insisted on paying the fine out of his salary.

At Leeds, you can expect Bielsa to put in an attacking formation that has a potential of scoring goals and conceding as well. The Whites were the fittest team in the league last season and their relentless pressing and harrying makes it really hard for other teams to settle into their rhythm.

This is the reason why a lot of goals scored by Leeds were late on, when the opposition was tired.

We are likely to see a 4-1-4-1 formation which would shape into a 3-3-1-3 when the wingers and full backs push up further.

Perhaps the most important thing, even more important than tactics and formations would be the fact that Leeds are on the verge of tying down their manager to a long term deal. The Chilean usually never spends a lot of time in one place but it is clear that he loves being at Leeds United.

His desire isn’t fueled by money even though Bielsa is going to sign a pretty lucrative deal.

It would be so amazing to see Marcelo Bielsa in the dugout for the first ever Manchester United-Leeds encounter in the Premier League in 16 years. The two teams’ fans simply hate each other on principle and Bielsa would be eager to get one over the Red side of Manchester.

This rivalry has been at the forefront of English football for many years and who would be better than a man who defeated Sir Alex Ferguson’s United twice in the Europa League round of 16 in 2012.

Bielsa’s tactics were so spot on that even the great Scot was amazed at his team’s relentless approach.

For teams that have been used to sweeping away minnows in the Premier League, they will definitely not be looking at Leeds as the latest whipping boys who can help them improve their goal difference.

Leeds might be back after 16 years but seem more than up for the battle that awaits them.