AFL Statement – Independent investigation

The AFL has committed to running an independent investigation of allegations of racism referred to the AFL by the Hawthorn Football Club that provides a supportive and respectful process for those impacted, and natural justice to those people against whom allegations of misconduct have been made.

We confirm that a number of participants have advised they will take part in the Investigation, chaired by Bernard Quinn KC and acknowledge it is their decision based on the terms of reference released on October 20, 2022. The AFL has not come to any separate agreements with any participants in relation to the terms on which they take part in the investigation.

The work by the four-member panel has already begun and will continue to work with the various participants.

As we announced when we released the Terms of Reference for the Independent Investigation, the AFL is committed to working together as an industry to coordinate a wider response that ensures we have a culturally safe environment across all our clubs and within the AFL industry.

It is important to note that the wider industry response that was previously announced is a separate piece of work that will continue to be worked on by the AFL and, while it will be informed by the Panel’s work, it is not part of the Independent investigation process.

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