Adam Simpson’s departure from the West Coast Eagles is the first domino in what could be a major coaching shuffle across the AFL. This move opens up discussions about who might fill coaching vacancies, including the highly anticipated role of Tasmania’s first coach as the team prepares to join the league in 2028.

Among the top contenders are experienced figures like Chris Scott, John Longmire, and Ken Hinkley, as well as promising assistant coaches like Dean Cox and Scott Pendlebury. The coaching market is heating up, with clubs eager to secure the best talent to guide their teams to success.

AFL experts stress the importance of strategic hires, suggesting that a mix of veteran head coaches and innovative assistants could be key to building strong, competitive teams. This period of transition is expected to be highly competitive, with many clubs looking to overhaul their coaching staff in preparation for future seasons.

Fans and analysts alike are watching closely as the coaching carousel begins to spin, anticipating which teams will make bold moves and which coaches will find new homes. The next few months will be critical as clubs finalize their plans and aim to set themselves up for long-term success.

West Coast’s decision to part ways with Simpson, despite his past success, underscores the high stakes and intense pressure within the league. This shake-up could lead to significant changes in team dynamics and performance in the coming years.

The AFL’s coaching landscape is set for a dramatic transformation, with many predicting more high-profile departures and appointments as teams reposition themselves for the future. The excitement and uncertainty surrounding these changes add an extra layer of intrigue to the off-season, keeping fans engaged and speculating about what’s next for their favorite teams.