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  • A guide to renting an apartment in Australia

    Moving into a new apartment is both exciting and stressful, particularly if it’s your first time. Aside from actually finding your dream home, there’s a lot of documentation to organise, not to mention the logistics of the move itself.  To help you out, we’ve created this guide to renting an apartment in Australia, which covers […]

  • Analysing the footy snacking experience

    Analysing the footy snacking experience

    Watching any game of Australian footy (especially a big one where your team is set to make it or break it) is a unique viewing experience. One of the most critical considerations, next to what beverage you’ll be enjoying, is what you’ll be snacking on in-between the time spent yelling at the screen. The process […]

  • Interstellar – Media Board opinion split

    Interstellar – Media Board opinion split

    Movie lovers on BigFooty’s Media Board are split between love and hate for director Christopher Nolan’s latest Sci-fi movie, Interstellar. The movie takes place in Earth’s future where resources are depleted and the population is suffocating in a massive Great Depression-era style dustbowl. With crops failing one by one, time is of the essence in […]

  • Kick it to the S#!t House – Review

    ‘Kick it to the S#!T HOUSE’, compiled by Michael Winkler and prefaced by Dennis Cometti, is a book that is charming in its unabashed rudeness. Boldly stating that it contains ‘Great Australian Sporting Quotes’, ‘Kick it’ is a veritable smorgasbord of compiled gems from some of the great national sporting personalities in living memory. The […]

  • Let the Games Begin

    The Australian sports fan’s quadrennial interest in random sports like European Handball and Judo is about to kick off again. The London Olympics starts early Saturday morning, Australian time with an opening ceremony predicted to feature James Bond, Paul McCartney, Harry Potter and the Queen. The undoubted star of the Aussie team is James Magnussen, […]

  • Sydney’s sporting culture needs an upgrade

    A few days ago Glenn Jackson wrote an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. He reported that AFL Sydney were interested in playing local matches on Birchgrove Oval, the original home of Rugby League. The way he wrote it came across as if the AFL was taking over the world. This is of course not […]

  • Goodbye to a Local Legend

    Football clubs are made up of people. If you are ever involved in a footy club, you’ll come across these people. Some you won’t pay much mind to, others you naturally won’t have much interaction with, but others will strike you with their interest in how you are doing, just because you are a player […]

  • Tweet Talk Gives Direction

    Back in the day, a footballer would turn up to training every day, maybe have a word to the media if they were in-form, play a match on the weekend and retire home…but not any more. With the institutionalisation of Twitter in Australia, football players can now speak their respective minds to the world every […]

  • A Day In The Life: Mark ‘Robbo’ Robinson

    Robbo proclaimed on AFL360 tonight that he’d love some sleep. Working 19 hours a day is starting to get to him; and here at the BigFooty News, we get the insight into what that day is like. 10am: Wake up, dust stale Doritos off chest, find some particularly stubborn crumbs nestled in chest hair. Undergo […]

  • Cinnamon Challenge – Nothing to do with Footy Whatsoever

    Now back to your regularly scheduled BigFooty News…