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  1. RangaInTeal

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade Targets

    There is ZERO chance Tilthorpe is going 1 or 2, that would be the ultimate Adelaide Crows move ever! Learn from Angwin... JUH #1, Hollands #2, Jones #3, McDonald #4
  2. Scotland

    Restricted Free Agent Jeremy Cameron [Nominated Geelong]

    ...21 year old Franklin but he looks like he will at least be AFL standard key forward). We know what #2 has to offer and we have a good idea about #3, so losing #1 isn't as bad. Take Hawkins out and who steps up? Jenkins played one game, Rohan is unreliable and not a key forward, Ratagolea is...
  3. ltdamn

    News Brad Crouch to Saints

    ...on JUH and have that matched, we don't really get to choose the best young player in the land with Pick #1, so Band 1 would mean we end up with #2 and #3, which is less of a boon than #1 and #2. Hopefully the club are proactive in providing this clarity to the AFL before compo picks are...
  4. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    Here it is: GWS were given #1, #3, #5, #7, #9, #11, #13, #15, Phil Davis, Rhys Palmer, Callan Ward, Tom Scully then access to Bugg, Cameron, Darley, Golds, Growden (easy Joao ), Harding, Hombsch, Shiel, Treloar, Tunbridge, Ugle, Wilson, Shaun Edwards, Hampton, Aylett, Josh Bruce, Sam Schulz...
  5. ImperialPurple

    Banter 2020 Finals Discussion GWS. He‘s missed out again, and retires after watching Freo go back to back. He wonders where the big, big sound went. Fyfey gets #2 and #3, retires aged 37. Neale, now 35, has never won a premiership, and wifey is sick of trudging all over the country watching her husband fail at every...
  6. Vader

    2020 Trade & List Management discussion

    ...will remain exactly where it is. Pick #20 will move up to wherever the JUH bid is, and everything inbetween will shuffle down. For example, if the bid comes in at #2, then #20 will be come #2, the former #2 will become #3, #3 will become #4, ... , #19 will become #20, and #21 will remain at...
  7. iluvparis

    Racing Melbourne Cup 2020 a Perth cripple and Pricewise tipping this boy on top sees him firm 2 more points this week. Looks set to start clear fave. 2 - SANTIAGO (LW #3, $12.50) - form around Tiger Moth has him right in this and makes his first appearance in the top 2 of the power ratings 3 - RUSSIAN CAMELOT (LW...
  8. Stamos

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    He thought a broken down want-away Daniher was worth more than #9 + #5/future #3, so it's fair to say his evaluation of * players is a little skewed.
  9. Vader

    Opinion 2020 Draft Watch #2 (picks 1, 8, 20, 29, 44, 50, 60, 74) - finalised 10/10/20

    If we don't bid, then Sydney will get to make a selection at #3, and will then get a 2nd top-10 rated kid when they subsequently match the bid on Campbell. By bidding ourselves (at #1), we force Sydney to burn 2400pts worth of draft picks. Sydney currently have picks valued at 3493 pts in...
  10. R

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    Whatever unfolds, obvious Saad won't go for #7 only. That aside, if we can't secure target #3, and let's be honest a #8 draft pick in a seriously weird year is worse than a chook raffle, does it matter? I reckon many have under estimated the inevitable growth!
  11. freodog

    Mega Thread The Media Thread

    The preceding 4 umpiring errors which lead to the goal were named #2, #3, #4, #5 moments of the season 😢
  12. Mister M

    Uncontracted Nathan Broad was done as an act of "good will" to Essendon in return for an agreement that they wouldn't bid on Callum Mills at Pick #4/#5, allowing Sydney to keep some of it's later draft picks. In the end a bid on Mills came earlier with Melbourne at Pick #3, but it did have a major part to do...
  13. Thetrader15

    Competitions croweater0-17 Goal Kicking Competition

    Not sure that would have decided it - I had him at #3, you #4.
  14. ImperialPurple

    Where does Mundy sit in the Pantheon of greats at Freo now?

    ...a reason to be proud during really crap times. Fyfe is the best player we’ve had, with Pav not far behind. Mundy, the quiet achiever probably #3, but sadly I believe commentators/supporters outside of Freo really only sat up and started taking real notice after he passed 250 games. Sandi...
  15. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread their 2021 1st for #15 We get massive overs there but it is because we facilitate Sydney hiding a pick from the academy bid. They walk out of the draft with pick #3, #6 and #15 We swap our firsts this season and next, turn #15 into #7 and ride their pick next season hoping we do better.
  16. Ron The Bear

    Coach Is Hardwick now the second best coach in the league behind Clarkson?

    Lack of respect probably starts with the media. "Chaos" and "pressure" get mentioned a lot, making it sound like all grunt and lots of luck. People take their cues from this stuff. Shortest team in the comp four years running, with the best attack and best defence over the period. Other...
  17. iluvparis

    Racing Melbourne Cup 2020 and its close to chips in territory. 2 - DELPHI (LW #1, $36) - Might go around in the English St Leger on Saturday night 3 - SIR DRAGONET (LW #3, $50) - slight Betfair drift this week perhaps suggesting better suited CC and CP 4 - VERRY ELLEEGANT (LW #4, $24) - Humidor's stranglehold over...
  18. Kane McGoodwin

    Resource 2020 Draft Watch (picks 1, 9, 20, 30, 45, 50, 60, 74) - updated R17 15/9/20

    ...only need 1888 points (between picks #4 & 5). 512 point saving. Further, if we land pick #2, free agency, we could guarantee no bid til pick #3, where the Doggies only need 1676 points (between picks #6 & 7). 734 point savings. Perhaps a current/future pick swap to muddy things. Or if the...
  19. wayToGo_

    Our First Pick - The Deficit - We have pick 10!

    ...pre-draft that the club rated Henry as highly as any draftee in the pool - and similarly they did with Young and Serong. If we had picks #2, #3, #4 and there was no NGA concessions we very well could have picked them at those picks. To some it may look a bit expensive - to me and it seems...
  20. Jessbek

    No Oppo Supporters The Sun Lounge (Suns posters only)

    My mate texted me after the game singling out Powell and #3, saying how we have some crackers in them. He said powell reminded him of Sicily, which i thought was a strange, oddly apt comparison, but coming from a neutral supporter I was glad to hear it And I think you might be right eppo...
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