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  1. Thetrader15

    Prediction ROUND 1 2020 - Pick your best team

    I like this side. I'd probs swap Sholl for Kelly and McAsey for Hartigan but that's just me. No 2nd ruck is a tick in my book. If Hartigan plays, he's ruck #2, and if not, then Gaucc gets the gig!
  2. Engimal v3

    Triple J Hottest 100 - 2020

    Maybe I'm out of touch, but I feel that some on here are significantly overrating how well Bulls on Parade will poll. Bad Guy will poll #1 or #2, I'm sure of it.
  3. Gibbsy

    Triple J Hottest 100 - 2020

    ...BOP is not winning and will not win. My (figurative) money is on Bad Guy. There was only a few hundred votes separating the songs at #1 and #2, but after jostling for the top spot, the #1 song has now cemented its lead. However, the songs at #3 and #4 are extremely close, with only 53 votes...
  4. RussellEbertHandball

    Cricket Discussion - Part 2

    ...from 104 matches, Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne remain the most prolific bowling duo in Test history. That website ranks the above quartet as #2, only behind Roberts, Holding, Garner and Croft The...
  5. Larry Barnsworth

    Home & Garden Too many seats

    I am 3:1. Unless you include the throne which bumps it up to 5:1. Although I only use one of them for #2, so 4:1 Where do we sit (lol) on things like footstools which aren't intended as a seat but are sat on on occasion. I have one of those.
  6. Northalives

    Up the Arse! Goons Thread

    I went back and watched the game again closely. The first half gave me the same feeling I had for Ozil before he came to us - absolutely class, class player and now he has a proper manager using him as he should be and he excites no end! He did tire after an hour but so did all of our players...
  7. roo2macca

    Australia v New Zealand 2nd Test at the MCG December 26-30

    It's not that you're losing, it's the manner in which you're doing so. With the most strongest NZ side in years and being ranked #2, it was expected that NZ would at least put up a fight but, instead, they've rolled over and have displayed no spirit. Even though India didn't win a series here...
  8. hamG

    The Bigfooty Official Week 10 NBA thread

    For once a compilation was actually pretty well done. cept #2, total meh. Good to get reminders of classic things like pre injury Rose, Blake, JR Smith (never will understand how he underpaid himself), and the formerly stacked OKC lineup. Also Lebron of course.
  9. goodie23

    News 2020 St.Kilda Media Thread

    Round 2 for the great #2, our first home game of the year vs the Weagles
  10. Sven

    NFL 2019 NFL - Week 15

    ...scenario needs the Saints and Seahawks being the only teams to finish 13-3. If the Packers also end up 13-3 then the Saints would end up with the #3 seed, the Packers #2, and Seahawks #1. If the 49ers win out they secure the #1 seed because they have h2h wins over both the Saints and the...
  11. NeutralZone

    Religion Christianity and Homosexuality

    ...not? Well, follow that with the saying: "Action speaks louder than words." Notice Points #2 and #3 above that you yourself quoted. In Point #2, you claim there are "massive inconsistencies" between the rejection of homosexuality by Christians who have no problem eating shellfish, and the...
  12. J

    List Mgmt. Carlton's 2019 Draft Thread

    ...when to include the recruiters haul of picks into the grading How can anyone give GC an A? Of course they've selected good players, but really not too hard with #1, #2, #11 and #27. There trading was anything but shrewd e.g. they traded 2020 pick #11 for Sharp; in which world is that a great...
  13. Pafloyul

    List Mgmt. Carlton's 2019 Draft Thread

    God, please, don't let it be 2, I hate that kind of thing!
  14. Chris25

    Draft Watcher 2019 Young (SA) Talent Time

    ...and is a good kick too. There's also a few mature aged players in the mix here. I have Elliot Dunkin, Luke Partington and Cole Gerloff at #2, #5 and #8 respectively in my rankings of the best mature aged options in the draft. Henry Crauford is an interesting option as a big bodied project...
  15. Thomas9

    Arsenal FC: Out of control

    ...speaking Unai is putting up L's in comparison. Arteta is a notoriously proficient footballing mind and is not only the best in the world's #2, but was mentored in a similar capacity by Arsene while he was still playing. You can't be certain, but I'd comfortably put my life savings on...
  16. Taylor

    Mega Thread 2019 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread #2

    Melbourne had been copping it in the media that Gold Coast were going to bid on Jack Viney with their pick #2, forcing Melbourne to use their pick #3 in the draft and burning that. This was the system where you had to use your next pick when a bid was made. They ended up trading pick #3, and...
  17. Vader

    News 2019 Rumour File - discuss rumours here! (Part 2)

    ...Kane Johnson. We traded that pick to North, for Carey. It was only after the conclusion of trade week that Carlton was stripped of picks #1 and #2, and pick #4 was shuffled up to pick #2.PNG Both Richmond and Adelaide are on record as saying that they never would have traded the pick, if...
  18. Vader

    News 2019 Rumour File - discuss rumours here! (Part 2)

    We never had pick #2, so Wells isn't really a sliding doors moment.
  19. Taylor

    Mega Thread 2019 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread #2

    ...the addition of Ellis, Greenwood, Zac Smith (there will be another removal of Martin) That means they have one pick in the draft and picks #1, #2, #15 and #20. Assuming they delist three more players to use just those picks, they might be willing to spread some of that value into next...
  20. Simon_Nesbit

    Toast Welcome to Carlton Marc Pittonet

    ...ground. Dominates around the ground stoppages at VFL level, probably equal or better than Ceglar at ruckwork - makes him comfortably capable as #2, even competing for #1 at some clubs. Has the good "clumsy" that all the best big blokes have. Pointy elbows and knees, likes a good block...

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