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  1. thequarry

    News New Jumpers for 2021

    ...stripe designs) are much better for having the stripes go all the way up. We've had a similar occurrence across ISC templates with Candy Stripe #2, and the home jumper with ISC in 2016, but it wasn't as pronounced and the black collar and cuffs that year hid it a lot. On the plus side, the...
  2. Black_White

    2020 Formula One

    ...while his replacement was killing it. I took the view that one team would certainly welcome him back, but as the replacement outshone the regular #2, then the #2 would be relegated. While my second scenario of the #1 driver returning to a team that both drivers were successful in his absence...
  3. Tarka_Dal

    Preview 2020 AFL National Draft thread

    I hope that is strongly considered. I would be taking Philips at #2, so if we could drop down the order, gain some extra draft capital, and still land him at #5 that would be awesome.
  4. Pykie

    Preview 2020 AFL National Draft thread

    Yeah, generally the top 2 or 3 know from a fair way out where they are going. This year is fairly unique, but unless North was planning on trading #2, a fair chance one of the top 3 will know ahead of time once it becomes knowledge who Adelaide are going with.
  5. Deaneus!

    Certified Legendary Thread Corona, Jamaica ooh I wanna take ya (COVID-19 Information & Discussion Here) Part 2 "The Second Wave"

    Country Corruption Index: #2, New Zealand #12, Australia Fixed Broadband Speeds #22, NZ #60, Australia Coronavirus Australia, 27,806 cases, 907 deaths New Zealand, 2,019 cases, 25 deaths If they’re the last mob you’d base decisions on? Assisted posters in Faking Deaths on BF Australia: 1 New...
  6. Yoda_

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII

    ...[2] Finlay McCrae), 2021 Collingwood first rounder End up; 2020 draft Pick 2 Pick 14/pick 16 2021; Essendon first round selection Collingwood first round selection I wouldn't mind trying to chase North's second in 21 to pair up with #2, give us much more flexibility heading into 2021.
  7. muttley45

    Preview 2020 AFL National Draft thread

    There is a reason opposition clubs are eyeing our pick #2, particularly *, tease them a la Lloyd Christmas "you're telling me there's a chance", and have change of heart at the last possible minute.
  8. Vader

    Opinion 2020 Draft picks 1/9/22/23/40/56/66/80 (2021 + Melb 2nd, 4th, Haw 4th)

    My gut feel is that we were looking at Hollands & McDonald with #1 and #2, then O'Driscoll with #9. Then the Brouch FA compo didn't happen...
  9. F

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade and List Management Thread III

    If our off-season consists of + Stephenson, Young, Corr, #2, #11, #14, and whichever of Cameron/Caldwell/whoever else doesn't get done in the PSD at #2 - Higgins, Brown, delistees ...huge wins IMO
  10. Taylor

    Contracted Josh Dunkley [OOC 2022, requested a trade to Essendon, didn't get there]

    ...depend on North thinking the player they get at #2 isn't worth as much as the players taken at #7, #8, #14. They could go into the draft with #7, #8, #11, #14, #70, #71 Bulldogs go in with #2, #3 (big matching with #28, #30, #41 and #54) with a first round surplus of 151 points for later bids.
  11. Pykie

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade and List Management Thread III

    ...that we couldn’t pay. If we let someone like Caldwell pass in the PSD the pitchforks should be out for Luffy and Brady, it’s EXACTLY the situation we need to leverage. If we are going to deal with GWS for #2, I’d almost make it contingent on the deal, they block Essendon and send him to the...
  12. W

    List Mgmt. 2020 Trade and List Management Thread III

    I don't think you've made * bleed enough. I'd be starting with their first next year. If they really want #2, they'll have to include it in any deal, or see ya later. Maybe 6, a second this year, and first next year for #2. If you believe what is written and there is a clear top five, it has to...
  13. Pykie

    Preview 2020 AFL National Draft thread

    The best solution is just engineering another pick and taking him. My preference is 100% Hollands at #2, it's not even a consideration imo. Phillips is however an outstanding prospect. I'm open to any combination of players or picks and getting him, that doesn't involve #2 and the 2021 first...
  14. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread start the AFL take the best picks you have to match the number of list spots you have and wipe the rest. If we only have 5 spots on our primary list, even if we have pick #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #20, #21, #22 and #23 only picks 1,2,3,4 and 5 will remain when the draft starts, the rest evaporate.
  15. Marstermind

    Past #50: Ben Brown - Traded to Melbourne with 2020 #28 + 2021 R4 for 2020 #26 #33 + 2021 R4(Bris) - 130 gms / 287 gls - thanks Ben very public about this. I know FA works differently but in a world where Daniher is #7, Williams is #10 and Adelaide think Crouch is worth #2, Brown is worth #25 PLUS extras. Brown isn't one of us at the moment. He wants to play for someone else. He rejected our offer. We owe him no...
  16. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    Likewise. Something like #12, #31, 2021st 1st and Schultz for #2 and #70 Our draft hand would become #2, (whatever we can get for Hogan), #103 Their hand would be #11, #12, #27, #31, #62 And I expect they would on trade our 2021 1st for Essendon's pick #6, #7 or #8
  17. dav3

    Mega Thread The Official Camry Crows in Season Lolz Thread

    ...those picks could have landed Toby Greene, Sam Docherty, Taylor Adams, Devon Smith, Brandon Ellis, Elliot Yeo, etc. Now they get denied pick #2, 12 months after spending a year celebrating the Carlton spoon that never came, before winning their own, and will now either get some lower picks...
  18. Jabba73

    Win Prizes Win a prize in the Carlton Forum Melbourne Cup Sweep, 2020

    Was told I got horse #2, is that the horse or gate number? Guess it doesn’t really matter, neither is a chance to win unless you run the race between 46 and 100+ times.
  19. Falco131415

    Unofficial Preview 2020 Draft Discussion

    ...go into a huge deficit & I know there's a 20% disc. there somewhere, but it looks epic either way. Then they've got that other kid to pick as an Academy pick too. also got to count if North bid do they really want him? I feel if Campbell is bid on @ #2, the Swans may let him slide & pick...
  20. Vader

    Opinion 2020 Draft picks 1/9/22/23/40/56/66/80 (2021 + Melb 2nd, 4th, Haw 4th) use as evidence) not to select JUH at #1 or #2 they come out ahead in the long run. By trading #12 for 29 & 46, and avoiding a bid at #1 or #2, they actually come out ahead by 329 points (vs no trade and matching a #1 bid). Pick #12 = 1268pts Pick #29 + #46 = 984pts Cost of Matching a bid...