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  1. AndrewShawble

    List Mgmt. Trade & F/A - 2019/20 Part 4

    He inherited Roughy’s #2, think they have big plans for him in the side long term Good young player though.
  2. dylan123

    2020 Trade & List Management discussion

    ...note, is there any way anyone can see us holding onto Brad if he doesn't net us first round compo? Like in my ideal world, if he can't get us #2, we hold onto him yet if we're blatantly shopping him around like that, would he really want to hang around? Maybe if we're one of the better...
  3. Scotland

    Autopsy AFL 2020 Round 11 Eagles v Blues Sun August 9th 3:35pm AEST (Optus) Match Highlights in OP

    Darling #1 for a few years, Allen #2, Brander earmearked as a future key forward. Waterman likely to always be a 2nd/3rd tall. Very mobile.
  4. Stamos

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management

    Worse, #9 and a future 1st (currently #2, but with no Papley, who knows...)
  5. douglyzia

    Toast Club Champion 2019 - Brad Crouch!

    Nick Riewoldt believes Crows fans need to brace for "five years of pain", yet Barrett believes if we get pick #2, it would "expose, yet again, the total farce that is the AFL free agency compensation system". Why would it be a "total farce" for a club that is in for "five years of pain" to get...
  6. M

    Autopsy GBU vs Bombers

    Cotchin pick #2, Martin Pick #3, Vickery pick 8, Vlastuin pick 9, Conca pick 6, Rance was a priority pick (albeit 19) in 2007. When you get a few top 10s you can afford to stuff up a couple of times.
  7. OzSparrow

    Autopsy GBU vs Bombers

    ...(2003), 15th (2004), 14th (2005), 11th (2006) before winning the flag in 2008. Nice draft for them that 2004 one (Roughy with a priority pick #2, Buddy at #5 and Lewis at #7)! btw for you history buffs out there we picked Meesen at #8 in the SuperDraft - what a great pick eh? Tigers...
  8. Elmer_Judd

    Game Day Rd 7/8: Maroochydore Demons vs Brisbane Lions MEtricone Stadium @ 18;10 pm AEST- Deez Lion in da tropics.

    Yep. He is or will be a beauty. You guys made the right call picking him at pick #2, despite the so called opinions of the BF 'Draft Board Experts' here. Got really good skills for a big lad. Give him 18 -24 months and he will be scarily good.
  9. Vader

    2020 Trade & List Management discussion on TUH at pick #1, then they only have to come up with the points to match a bid at pick #2. At pick #1, they need to come up with 2400 pts. At pick #2, they only need 2014. This is where the sweetheart deal comes in - effectively we have an additional 400pts on our side of the trade deal.
  10. Kingfish73

    Review Round 6, 2020 vs GWS

    ...hammy and Ebert will get at least 2 weeks, lets see us inject some more young energy against Carlton. Finally, that face plant to Marshall in 2nd quarter was a disgrace. Firstly because the umpire did not reverse the decision and #2, why the other port players did not go harder remonstrating.
  11. Pykie

    Traded North Melbourne trade #8 to Melbourne for #26, #50 & 2020 1st Round Pick

    If the trade results in #2, #26 and #50 ~ that is an unmitigated disaster. Pickett would have to become the next Peter Matera to justify it. That is just about enough currency to get any player in the league on the open market at the trade table, let alone simply a promising 19 year old small...
  12. Giant Strides

    Analysis Fremantle's point deficit - What happens if they get pick 1..?

    ...#2. The old pick #2 moves up to #1 to fill in the gap, and Freo's pick can slot into a vacant gap which is pick #2. Similarly, if Freo hold pick #2, that 2517 points minus 265 points deficit becomes 2252 points (between picks #2 & #3). Pick #3 moves up to become pick #2 - because it fills in...
  13. Pykie

    List Mgmt. 2020: Death Riding Melbourne [NMFC owns MFC's 1st & 4th 2020 picks] - Keep Your Eye on the Red and the Blue

    ...then had a top #6 pick in his second year, as well as #23 and #31. Then picked up Cyril at #12 in his third year. This is ontop of inheriting #2, #5, #7, #21 in 2004 and a 22 year old former #1 pick in Luke Hodge, as well as the return of a former #1 pick in Croad who was 24 at the time...
  14. I

    Player Watch #50: Ben Brown - contract extension talks ongoing / injured knee vs Cats Rd10

    ...teams have figured out that of you limit the space Brown has in the forward 50, then our only method of attack is option 2. With option option 2, we just don't have the cattle to hustle, shark, tackle and crumb and hence defenders clean up.... Here are the players used in the 50 over the...
  15. AndrewShawble

    List Mgmt. Trade & F/A - 2019/20 Part 4

    Lewis has inherited Rougheads #2, they will tell us to suck our own D**** when we call
  16. K

    Current Claremont Murders Discussion & Edwards trial updates pt2

    ...with commonwealth bank while with wife #1, and had home loan number #1 with them. after moving in with wife #2 and purchasing house number #2, maybe he swapped banks so his accounts were with the home loan supplier as some sort of deal. then the cops would of only had more recent banking...
  17. Chipmunk

    Song Contest Part XVI, Host: The Filth Wizard, Theme: How Do I Title This?, Votes Due: Sunday 10pm AEST

    ...excited about the countdown which I now understand (not really an equivalent over here). So we get to the top 3. Lean On, great song especially when I’ve had a few. #2, Kendrick Lamar, fantastic. I was like, who does Australia rate as their #1 song, this must be epic. Then it was The Rubens.
  18. K

    Current Claremont Murders Discussion & Edwards trial updates pt2, resulting in home loan in arrears matrimonial home sold, with BRE later saying he got no money from the sale 2nd home purchased with wife #2, BRE has no cash for deposit so borrows from his parents money tight between BRE and wife 2, resulting in parents dropping off food wife #2 "gets...
  19. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    If we finish last, we get pick #1, it gets pushed to pick #2, Adelaide get pick #1, then pick #3 for Crouch compo. If we finish above Adelaide, we get extra stuffed. The drop in pick happens at the final siren of the season.
  20. Werewolf

    Play Nice 45th President of the United States: Donald Trump - Part 13: Make America Golf Again

    New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California are #1, #2, #5, #6 and #7 for COVID deaths:

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