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    Live Event 2021 AFL National Draft discussion thread

    He is very stiff that 3 interstate clubs hold picks #2, #3 and #4 and that there is one other player in the country better than him.
  2. Giant Strides

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

    ...position? Or do they now prioritise someone like Hobbs, who's the best pure inside midfielder in the draft? Do they try and trade up to our pick #2, or trade back for two picks, or just take an academy selection such as Will Bella? If looking for two picks, they might consider Hawks with...
  3. Ants

    Club Focus Collingwood 2021 - Kreuger, Lipinski, Daicos, Murley, Harrison

    ...would effectively allow themselves to do what they're actually doing this year. Getting one of the best players in the draft for a handful of F2, F3 and R3 picks. A fantastic deal. If they still had #2, they'd just protect it by either trading with North and up, or trading it into 2022...
  4. Giant Strides

    Preview 2021 Draft General Discussion - What rumours have you heard?

    ...our first pick and our second. If we take Callaghan with our first pick, we certainly wouldn't take a second midfielder. If we traded down from #2, then we'll take someone like Andrew, Gibcus or Rachele, so I expect we then would look to get a mid with our second pick. Johnson surely will be...
  5. Giant Strides

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

    ...most we'd get is a swap of our future first round picks for a swap of their #4 for our #2. That sets us up for a fall if we don't do well in 2022, or Crows rebound greatly, but you'd still expect them to finish below GWS so would provide a small benefit. If we were prepared for Callaghan and...
  6. GhostofJimJess

    Club Focus Richmond 2021 - Tarrant, Gibcus, Brown, Sonsie, Banks, Clarke

    ...oppo looks like being a contender next year, or maybe a 2nd + 4th from an oppo we perceive as less ambitious in 2022. 2) GWS take Callaghan at #2, Ward and Hobbs are gone by #7, but Andrew is still there. This might tempt GWS to cough up #13 and a 2022 1st rounder to grab Andrew at #7, maybe...
  7. P

    Oppo Camp Non Geelong football (AFL) discussion 2021 Pt2 -

    I still think the Bulldogs are the clear #2, despite the lop-sided GF result. For the record, both the Cats and Tigers - if they make finals - are just making up numbers. On a semi-related note, it's a small note of pride that we don't allow ourselves to tumble the ladder in our poorer years...
  8. fuey

    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 9

    ...not listening to me. Of course I know better than most of those douches... I would rate the Packers at #3 (or more equal second) Bills #1, Buccs #2, Packers #3. Good teams still have bad games, sometimes they win them, often they don't. Its only when it starts to happen more often that you'd...
  9. Giant Strides

    Club Focus GWS Giants 2021 - Brander, Callaghan, Aleer, Fahey later rounds. Everyone seemed to have focussed on GWS liking Mac Andrews and think we're just zeroed in on selecting him & so will trade #2, but we've actually said (or been reported) at various time about liking Callaghan, Gibcus, Rachele and Mac Andrew. I daresay there are others that...
  10. Jabba73

    Media To Bye or Not To Bye: That Is The Question

    Refer to post #2, some very astute person has already reached that conclusion.
  11. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Draft, Trade, Free Agency and Academy

    There's talk of #2 and #13 There's also talk of #4 and #33 for #6 and #19 So maybe it's #6 and #19 for #4 and #33 with #4 and #8 going to GWS for #2 and #13 That makes it #6, #8 and #19 for #2, #13 and #33
  12. Giant Strides

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

    We can't take everyone we like! Whether it's pick #2, #3, #4 or #5!
  13. Giant Strides

    Prediction 2021 GWS Board Mock AFL National Draft

    ...just four selections, leaving one free). Matching for Nick Daicos was always a no-brainer, we were lucky that it came at #3 rather than #1 or #2, so we saved some selections for earlier in the night than we might have thought. Daicos will probably start either forward or on a wing, but...
  14. GG.exe

    NRL NRL and NRLW expansion

    ...All the main regions represented. NSW NRL licenses ought to aim for = Campbelltown, Wollongong, Newcastle, Penrith, Parramatta, Sydney, Sydney #2, Manly/Gosford. (8) NZ = Aukland, and either Christchurch or Wellington. (2) Rest of Australia = Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide. (4)...
  15. Giant Strides

    Preview 2021 Draft General Discussion - What rumours have you heard?

    Or GWS actually select Finn Callaghan as the best available player with pick #2, and worry about getting a tall with #13, even if it's not Andrew. Callaghan would add to the quality of the GWS midfield ... and also he's not playing against us! Given the lack of game time over the last 2 years...
  16. Son of Skeletor

    The Official Bigfooty NBA Week 2 Thread: Stop sleeping on the Knicks

    That's like saying "I should have become a millionaire, why didn't I do that?" Griz weren't trading #2, it was common knowledge. They and pretty much everyone else saw Morant as superior to the rest, including Barrett.
  17. Dirty Bird

    NFL Relocations and League Expansion

    ...closer to Foxborough than Boston is, and the Patriots already cover the area so yeah. 40. Milwaukee :heavymultiply: - If I wern't going Chicago #2, I would give it alot of time. But with Chicago #2, no. Cannibilising the area too much. Plus, the Packers are already Wisconsin's team. Not sure...
  18. Giant Strides

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

    ...the club is prepared to prioritise drafting someone else, and therefore of trading out pick #2. But I think they also want a decent return for #2, so if they don't get what they want, then I can envisage keeping it and taking ''best available'' (which I'm pretty sure Caruso has said is his go...
  19. GG.exe

    NFL Relocations and League Expansion

    St Louis, San Diego, Chicago #2, Portland, Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, either Sacramento or Fresno. One for all eight divisions.
  20. fuey

    Fantasy 2021 BETA Dynasty Discussion

    ...Not doing so could open the door for the Haze or Stars, all three teams are locked at 2-1 in intra-division matchups. Whomever ends up in that #2, will be very difficult to beat out for that WC spot. Can the Berserkers claim their first division title?? Geecats07 RK Team W L T PCT GB...