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  1. hangdog

    List Mgmt. National & Rookie Draft 2021

    Maybe a Sharman/Byrnes/Paton type player can get an upgrade to the #2?
  2. Libbaaaa

    List Mgmt. Current Contract Lengths (Updated 04/11/2021)

    Not worried about any of our core guys leaving. Maybe one of the young guys like West or Butler get a 3 year deal with decent coin from someone else but that is the cost of doing business to keep everyone else. Who do we think is taking #2? Tim English?
  3. neilk

    List Mgmt. COLLINGWOOD Trade and F/A Discussion

    Who might then be available at our pick #2?

    Player Watch 2021 AFL National Draft - NOT FOR TRADE DISCUSSION

    From what I can gather we won't be trading up for Andrew it will only be if he is available at our pick. Do you think GWS will take him with #2?
  5. Giant Strides

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

    ...but it just drops us out of that range of picks this year that gets us one of the players we rate as discussed here. One might sneak through, but should we be taking that risk with a pick #2? Could GWS consider it - yes. Do I think we're likely to actually trade with Richmond - no, I don't.
  6. Noidenous

    Delisted Lonie delisted.

    Dwarf burn #2?
  7. samFFC

    NFL 2021 NFL - Week 6

    ...the year including beating the #6 Cowboys, two thumping wins, and only loss being against #4 Rams away from home. Why wouldn't they be #1 or #2? Re: SF Technically 11th and that seems reasonable. I feel Lance has shown he is an upgrade and should be better week on week. Their D is legit...
  8. BunjiMC

    List Mgmt. 2021 Draft picks: 4/33/75

    Who is #2? Little bit small but looks like an athlete.
  9. Johnny Dalmas

    Game Day AFL Trade Period 2021

    13 into 19 - I agree As much as I'm a Jordy Clark fan, I'm reaching the point where #22 could be better used elsewhere. Are you really keen on #2? Would you be prepared to buy it in a Lobb trade? Like the way we bought #19?
  10. GhostofJimJess

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency talk Pt 4

    So maybe this re-opens the possibility of our #7 + #15 for GWS #2? We know (or at least we've had rumoured) that the Giants are into Andrew and most draft nerds have him still available at #7, and then they can potentially use #15 in some form to secure Lobb (eg. #15 for Lobb + 2nd rounder)...
  11. Giant Strides

    List Mgmt. 2021 List Management: Academy, Contracts, Trading & Draft

    Yeah, but what are you going to do with pick #2?
  12. wayToGo_

    List Mgmt. 2021 Young Talent Time

    And GWS will give pick #2?
  13. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2021 Young Talent Time

    Why not? Do they want to have no picks the whole draft after its wiped out matching pick #2? They should be buying future firsts. They can always offload a bunch of firsts in the trade period before the draft for a pick ahead of him or future selections again.
  14. owen87

    When will the Carlton FC Arrive?

    They can watch on with tears in their eyes as GWS bid on Daicos at #2. The only question is, do North bid on Daicos and Darcy at #1, or just take Horne, leaving Collingwood to know they threw away Callaghan at #2?
  15. JT_the_Man

    Summer Tokyo 2021 Basketball Thread - August 7 When We Got Bronze

    This means Argentina yeah? Due to the USA having to play a #2?
  16. Saveloy Rockstar

    flggr Who will win the 2021 spoon?

    Cats would have to be #2? 3-7 in their last 10 GFs
  17. drd23

    The Matildas Tokyo 2020(1) Olympics Thread

    Sam Kerr is wearing #2? o_O
  18. Electronic_Renaissance

    Official Team Thread Baghdad Bombers Season 32 - On the Hillary Step

    Just playing it safe. How many times have you gone for a piss and suddenly needed a #2?
  19. McOrist

    Draft Expert Knightmare's 2021 Draft Almanac

    ...agree that Horne is something special. He may be the catalyst that helps launch Hawthorn back up the ladder. Who do you think North will select with pick #2?
  20. Marlowe

    Event Rising Star Award Night: Pre-Event entertainment

    Who do you think the Rockets will draft at pick 2?