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  1. mike91

    Mega Thread 2020 Off-Season Thread

    If (when) Bulldogs get Essendons first round this year, which is currently #6, I hope the club trades for it. Bulldogs don't need it this year and would prefer a first round next season. Something along the lines of: - 2021 first round, 2020 second round + #6 (maybe 2021 second or third round...
  2. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    ...and first round picks by judging the worth of what they left for. Such as if they picked a player at #1, that they trade for a player and #6, where the player is now retired and the #6 pick was traded for #30 and that player drafted at #30 is now delisted then the value of that #1 pick has...
  3. Johnny Dalmas

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    If we forget about the Neale & Port trades, we still had #6, #11, #19, #23 before the Lobb and Hogan trades. Right now, it doesn't feel like we got a lot out of those picks.
  4. eth-dog

    Official Match Thread Season 30 Round 11: Roys FFC v East Side Hawks at The BJO

    Oh I have seen him bowl, kid's a jet and hopefully the long term Aussie #6, but he should be behind Maddinson for the next spot.
  5. Taylor

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    Lachie Neale & pick #30 for pick #6, #19 and #55 Contracted player, traded for a first and a swap of first and second.
  6. BlueBayou

    Universal Love Simmo announces Retirement :((

    ...of watching this game, Kade gets a gig on one HBF, with Kenny Hunter on the other. There will be reams written to honour the career of this Blue #6, but the most used word will be some variation of 'courage', followed by heart, durability, dedication, loyalty, fealty. The Carlton FC will be...
  7. Ron The Bear

    Coach Is Hardwick now the second best coach in the league behind Clarkson?

    Lack of respect probably starts with the media. "Chaos" and "pressure" get mentioned a lot, making it sound like all grunt and lots of luck. People take their cues from this stuff. Shortest team in the comp four years running, with the best attack and best defence over the period. Other...
  8. Astro7

    Prediction Changes and Pre match discussion vs St Kilda round 17 @ The Gabba

    Well, we're scraping the barrel now. A rag-tag patched together team of many newbies with little chemistry. Our away form is 3-5 and doesn't bode well for finals even if we get there against serious firepower. It's beginning to look like a train wreck waiting to happen. If this game is anything...
  9. iluvparis

    Racing Melbourne Cup 2020

    ...(LW #10, $34) - Superb return from this fellow who looks a monty for top 5 in both cups again without winning either 6 - PRINCE OF ARRAN (LW #6, $36) - Nice run well behind Enable over the weekend - rock bottom price now for a horse who like Finche is not good enough to actually win 7 - TIGER...
  10. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    ...meaning they effectively trade Papley for Campbell, which isn't ideal. Carlton currently hold pick #9. Trade that for Papley. Trade #9 to Freo for our 2021 first round pick. Then we have #6, #9 which becomes #8 and #9 after deficit. With "our" first being pick #9, Carlton's former pick...
  11. WaynesWorld19

    You have to be blinds not to pick Hollands

    ...Stephenson, or Selwood, would be by taking them in the 2nd round I know every club values their first round pick, we got excited at having #6 in the 2019 Draft .......If a Max King was there at #6, I'd be ropeable if we didn't King ......would I have picked a Max King with #1 this year, you...
  12. FitzroyBlueBagger

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXII Carlton 14, 32, 50, 68... 14- 1116 pts Papley 21- 878 pts swans 2nd 32- 584 pts 50- 273 pts 68- 59 pts Atm Total 1794 pts equivalent to a #6, again club could organise another possible upgrade for a first rounder for a kid in the draft they like again or a trade for a player wanting to...
  13. Vader

    Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban

    ...them for you. #5 is 2 hours of boredom, finished by 10 minutes of action where one of the main characters dies. Nothing of note happens in #6, it really is just a stepping stone on the way to the finale. #7 and #8 should have been 1 movie (and a good one at that), but the production...
  14. Glaeken Oracle

    Autopsy Dogs lose to the Tankers 103 - 51

    ...McGovern (5 goals) - they would both fail to make the current AFL All Australian potato team as they are over-qualifried. I imagined there were a bunch of red, white and blue Brussels sprouts running around, only the ones wearing #6, #23 and #42 gave the impression they weren't miniature...
  15. Damon_3388

    Izak Rankine

    Port picked one South Australian and two Victorians with their 3 top 20 picks... Port getting pick #5 involved them trading Pick #6, which is a far more realistic and reasonable upgrade than trying to turn #9 and picks in the teens into #2 or #3. There wasn't some outlandish ambition or...
  16. dogwatch

    Strategy Trade and List management Thread Part 3 (opposition supporters - READ posting rules before posting) to 10 games but Beau Dowler (Haw), Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls (Rich) and Marcus Drum (Frem) didn't get much further. 2006 - Mitch Thorp (Hawthorn #6, 2 games) ... Joel Selwood (#7), Jack Riewoldt (#13) 2007 - no real flops - all of them played 50 or more games 2008 - no flops - all have played...
  17. Pykie

    List Mgmt. 2020: Death Riding Melbourne [NMFC owns MFC's 1st (#9) & 4th (#64) 2020 picks] - Keep Your Eye on the Red and the Blue

    Also, do you know what picks Clarkson had at the draft after his first year at the club? #3, #6, #14, #18, #22. He then had a top #6 pick in his second year, as well as #23 and #31. Then picked up Cyril at #12 in his third year. This is ontop of inheriting #2, #5, #7, #21 in 2004 and a 22...
  18. Taylor

    Game Day Round 3: Port Adelaide

    You say that as a joke but if we did have pick #1 and they had pick #6, if we didn't tell them they were going to be matching a bid at #1 I'd be disappointed. We could trade #1 for #6, players or bulk picks
  19. GrommoT

    2020 Non-Crows AFL Discussion

    Read it and weep - last night's GC team had players drafted at picks #1, #2, #2, #3, #4, #6, #10, #13, #17, #20 and another pick #3 in the wings.
  20. A11dAtP0w3R

    Fantasy 2020 - Empire League Discussion

    And a sidenote to pick #6, thank you dagless, cause if Dobbins had got to pick #7 (my original first round pick) I think I would have power spewed my dinner up.
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