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  1. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    Here it is: GWS were given #1, #3, #5, #7, #9, #11, #13, #15, Phil Davis, Rhys Palmer, Callan Ward, Tom Scully then access to Bugg, Cameron, Darley, Golds, Growden (easy Joao ), Harding, Hombsch, Shiel, Treloar, Tunbridge, Ugle, Wilson, Shaun Edwards, Hampton, Aylett, Josh Bruce, Sam Schulz...
  2. Duckworth

    List Mgmt. Trade & Free Agency VIII - How do we 'rejuvenate' the list?

    That is bizarre logic, Carlton could take him with Pick #7, so Essendon should accept an offer less than Pick 7.
  3. Stamos

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXV

    For Cats to trade #13 and #16 (if they lose this week) for #7, we'd need to throw in our 3rd, not our 2nd. #7 + #27 is worth more than #13 + #16
  4. Stamos

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    Has to be a 2 year deal nomination. Unless there's a draftee we're desperate on at #7, I think we're better off splitting that pick, and taking Saad in the National draft. Less risky than the PSD this year.
  5. Revenant1965

    News Adam Saad nominates Carlton

    Is Dodoro / * delusional, in denial, or dumb...? If they are asking for pick #7, plus something, the reality is that at worst case scenario (which we most likely won't do), is for Saad to nominate for national draft, and we pick him with pick #7, and * get nothing... On top of that, The...
  6. Stamos

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    In the case that we couldn't trade it down, we're better off taking him in the draft at #7, rather than giving * #7 in a trade. fu** *
  7. Stamos

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    Nah, we still split #7, and use a pick in the teens (his worth) to draft him.
  8. Stamos

    Restricted Free Agent Joe Daniher [Nominated Brisbane]

    Well, you wouldn't. But if it's not #7, there's been plenty of chatter that you would consider matching.
  9. B

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    ...type 2 - use it to hopefully draft Will Phillips If we can't bring in one of those A grade mids and we're confident Phillips won't fall to #7, then we look to downgrade it but only if we can trade them both for gun players. Something I suggested earlier was #13 for Hunter and #16 for Saad...
  10. Jimmae

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV

    ...U18 talent with mature bodies. I hope they seriously re-think the draft strategy, particularly if they think they can target Wil Philips with #7, whether directly or by trade. I don't rate the talls either, but there are some midfield and medium gems in the mix in that top 30. I mean...
  11. Taylor

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management, Free Agency & Trade thread

    ...has taken picks #13 and #19 as top twenty draft picks total in the last seven years (Since Cripps was drafted)? Compared to Fremantle which has used: #2, #5, #7, #8, #8, #9, #13, #17 and #17 You're making my point for me. Hawthorn has not had the high picks injected into their side like we...
  12. F

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management II

    ...His idea's for the Geelong and Essendon deals and Best 22. Carlton Get: Constable, Narkle #10, #15, #16 Geelong Get: Dow, O'Brien #7, #27, #45 Carlton Get: Laird Fremantle Get: McGovern Adelaide Get: Crowden, #16 Carlton Get: Merrett, Hayes, #69, #70 Essendon Get: Kennedy...
  13. HARKER

    List Mgmt. 2020 List Management II

    ...good, but maybe Geelong & Brisbane don't want to head down that path. What then? I guess Essendon would offer Saad and their second for our #7, but I just don't think we'd want to do that this year and hen just how we can manufacture some clever manoeuvring via the draft. Maybe there will be...
  14. B

    Bluemour Melting Pot XXIV impact in big games and brings some flag success with him too. No wonder Richmond didn't want to let him go... As for Dodo wanting pick #7, Saad is OOC... he can demand all he wants, he will settle for a reasonable deal or they will risk losing him for nothing. That happens and he can...
  15. wayToGo_

    Toast Caleb Serong 2020 Rising Star

    In #3 he is next to Darcy #4 and Cerra #5 in the locker room with Fyfe #7, Brayshaw #8, Acres #9, Walters #10, Aish #11 (so pretty much the entire starting midfield) with Logue #2 and Hogan #1 on the other side. In #22 he is going to have two new teammates next to him in #23 and #24 with...
  16. HARKER

    List Mgmt. Carlton's 2020 Draft Thread

    We have pick #7, not #77 :) Yes, exposed form counts for quite a bit and it hasn't hurt McDonald this year either, but it's still not out of the question that DGB may be there a around #7 I'm somewhat out of the loop this year (as most of us would be) but a McDonald, Hollands, Phillips...
  17. HARKER

    List Mgmt. Carlton's 2020 Draft Thread the real pointy end of the draft with Weitering being the exception. I didn't (and still don't) think we'll go to the draft holding the pick #7, but it may yet pan out that way and if we did DGB would be a great get for us. I just can't get into the pure mids this year....for us. Hollands...
  18. RowellAnderson12

    2020 Draft and Trades Thread

    If Pearce #1, Miles #2, Harbrow #5, Brodie #7, Fiorini #8 are on the verge of leaving. Can we get some guns to replace them, Gotta have your best players in the lower numbers
  19. Taylor

    Game Day Ruckbowl 2020 (Rd 18 Vs Dogs)

    The state of play. If we lose 36 to 60 - we will drop below Carlton on the ladder to hold pick #7, which will drop back to #11. If we win we will go above GWS which will mean pick #9, which will drop to #14 It's important to remember that we will also have the compensation picks for Corr...
  20. iluvparis

    Racing Melbourne Cup 2020 for now as this is his sole target and he looks cherry ripe but has a couple of solid contenders breathing down his neck 2 - TIGER MOTH (LW #7, $28) - always looked the best profile of the NH 3yos but hard heard nothing about him coming. Dominant win on the weekend should get him a...
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