Usage for hash tag: ad

  1. Cooldude

    PS4 The Last of Us Part II - Out now!

    There are also youtubers who were given a review copy by the company, who puts up a "review video" with the hashtag #ad next to it, and unsuprisingly it's a glowing review
  2. Shell

    TV The Bachette: now with disingenuine bachelors and timmay the cafe enthusiast

    Oh god tell us all about its features #ad
  3. apollo_creed

    Rumour Brad Scott to Essendon & Worsfold to Freo.

    On another note if celebrities and the like have to put #ad up for sponsored posts and comments surely 'journalists' spitting out the demands and deluded historical accounts of their friends to spare their non-existent credibility should be subject to some sort of disclaimer at the end of the...